A Fishy Favourite From Bhutan

Last week, we introduced readers to Chef Lepcha Karma – the man behind the delicious dishes on offer at our newest India resort Karma Martam Retreat in the magical mountain region of Sikkim (see our offer above!) Chef Lepcha returns again this edition with another authentic highland dish originating from nearby Bhutan…

Niya Datshi

“Niya Datshi is an authentic Bhutanese dish. Niya means fish and Datshi means Ingredients preparation with cheese. It’s easy to make – and delicious!”



Step 1
Cut Bhutanese chillies and onion. Chop ginger and garlic. Add 01 tablespoon oil in a pan. After that add chillies, onion, chopped ginger garlic and toss it until colour turns brown. Add butter and melt for 1 minute on a low flame.

Step 2
Clean the fish properly and add in another pan with a cup of water. Add the ingredients of the other pan to this fish. Boil for10 to 15 minutes, then season with salt and pepper and add grated cheese.

Download the Recipe as PDF

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