10 Must Try Egyptian Dishes

Egypt has rich culinary traditions that reflect its long history and its Levantine location. From the familiar to the outré, there’s a host of taste sensations to be experienced – here are ten classics to start you off.


This popular street food might resemble a falafel – but it’s actually made with fava beans not chickpeas – and it’s delicious.


An acquired taste that can quickly turn to an obsession this green soup is made from mallow leaves, often served with lamb.


Pigeon is a delicacy in Egypt – the birds are bred across the country in conical towers and served stuffed with rice or bulgur wheat.


An aromatic dish of baked vegetables such as zucchini,  peppers or aubergine stuffed with herbs.

Baba Ganoush

This aubergine based classic with olive oil, garlic, tahini and lemon originated in the Levant.


Perfect for vegetarians, this creamy puree combines ground beans, dill, leek, parsley, green pepper, parsley, and fried onions.

Sayadiyah Fish

This dish combines white fish like sea bass with tomato sauce, yellow rice, onions and spices.


A bread parcel filled with minced meat, onion and pepper – a staple of home-style Egyptian cooking.


This dessert has Ottoman origins – a sponge soaked in syrup with almonds and fresh cream.

Baked Sweet Potato

This is a healthy and great value dessert dish in Egypt – served in half with everything from ice cream to chocolate and nuts.


  1. Having Born in Egypt and grown up till my early twenties …. Moved to Australia in the Sixties …. I can Recognize and Appreciate your choices of these unique dishes . Congratulate you on your choices ….. Can’t Waite the opportunity to take my kids ( who are also members ) to share a trip with them over there , being their best guide in my motherland As a matter of interest , when I graduated from Cairo University as A Pharmacist , my first assignment was in ASWAN for TWO Years …. Watching The High Dam being built and Abu Simple being raised …. Great Memories….

    1. Hi Sami, that’s wonderful to hear we chose an authentic selection of tasty dishes – thank you for your feedback. We hope you and your children enjoy your Karma Karnak experience and it brings back some fond memories of your university days and childhood!

  2. Looking forward to joining the cruise at the end of this month. My husband is Egyptian and I love Egyptian food.

    1. Not long to wait now, have you got your Egyptian holiday packing list ready? Let us know if you try any of the tasty dishes on Karma Karnak!

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