Worth of Water Quiz

We swim in it, cook with it, drink it, play with it – and are largely made of it! Without water, there would be no life on the planet. But how much do you know about the magical compound we so take for granted…?

Test your H20 know-how in our quiz and you could win one of three US$100 vouchers that are up for grabs!  Winners will be announced on 06 Sept on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. What is the theme of World Water Day 2022?

    2. Approximately how many people live in countries where access to safe water is limited?

    3. Which of the following uses the least water?

    4. In 2016, a landmark deal was signed to combat climate change; The single greatest threat to safe water access. What is this agreement known as?

    5. To stay healthy how much water should you drink a day?

    6. How many oceans are there in the world?

    7. The UN has declared that access to clean water is a human right.

    8. How many litres of water are wasted in an average home each year due to leaky household pipes?

    9. Think back to when the dinosaurs ruled the world, was there?

    10. What do you call the rain that contains chemical waste and causes damage to plants and animals?

    11. When was World Water Day first celebrated?

    12. Which of the following is the saltiest sea?

    13. Which of these body parts contains the most water?

    14. Roughly how much of the Earth’s surface is covered in water?

    15. Approximately how much water does the average person waste each day?

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      1. Welcome to the family! We hope you enjoy our weekly quizzes every Monday – How was your water knowledge?

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