Win a Week in Bali or India!

Our quiz this week tests your knowledge on all things Bali – an island whose diminutive size belies the incredible variety of experiences, landscapes, communities and cultures it brings together. And to celebrate the opening of two of our favourite destinations, we’re giving a week’s holiday in a resort of your choice in either Bali or India.* (excluding KRR or Karma Estates) 

The names will be announced on 02 March across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. Gunung Agung, is not only popular for its tricky hike, but also the awesome sunrise photo at the top - What is the altitude of Bali's main volcano?

    2. The region of Amed is much-loved for its diving spots - What is the main product traditionally harvested there?

    3. What is the name of the traditional market in Balinese villages?

    4. What is the name of the ""Day of Silence"" during which everything is completely closed in Bali and even holidaymakers must stay indoors?

    5. The Monkey Forest in Ubud is one of the island’s major attractions, which is the main type of monkey species that live there?

    6. Why is the Tanah Lot site famous?

    7. The Campuhan Ridge walk is a famous walking spot in Bali, which area is it located in?

    8. The Handara Gates pictured above have become famous amongst travellers for an ultimate photo opportunity - But what surprisingly actually lives behind these traditional gates?

    9. Taman Tirtagangga is a former royal palace in eastern Bali, what wonderful creatures live in the palace waters?

    10. Nusa Penida is home to a cliff that looks like which type of dinosaur?

    11. The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue in Uluwatu which can be seen for miles is the tallest statue of a Hindu deity and the tallest statue in Indonesia - How tall does it stand?

    12. Nestled on Nusa Lembongan island is one of Bali’s craziest cliffs with the wildest of waves - What is the name of this tourist hotspot?

    13. Many Bali lovers head up north to Lovina during their vacay, what animal is the area famous for?

    14. What dish is most commonly captured on the Instagrams of Bali-goers?

    15. Which mountainous region of Bali will you find the best natural hot springs?

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      1. And did you hear the amazing news of Bali’s announcement? Visa on Arrival is back and no quarantine for those with 3 vaccinations – Let’s get booking!

        1. I am a new FULLY ACTIVATED MEMBER. I have been in HOSPITAL for 6 weeks and my affairs are in a bit of a mess.

          I have mislaid my MEMBER NYMBER



    1. Question 14 of Quizz won’t allow me to put in the correct answer. I have tried several times & it chooses 2 answers.

      1. Hi Pamela, if it is showing you two answers that is because unfortunately you answered incorrectly and it is showing you the correct answer in green (your wrong answer in red) and there is only one attempt at each question – We hope this helps and good luck!!

      1. It would be such an honour to have you choose a Karma Group Resort to celebrate 50 golden years of marriage! We look forward to having you with us! Congratulations and cheers to many more! 🙂

    2. Am eagerly awaiting to superannuate from my service in march 2022 and plan for a visit to bali between May 18th to May 23rd 2022 to celebrate 30th marriage anniversary.

      1. Wow! 30 years of marriage! That is fantastic! Thank you for choosing to spend such a momentous life event with us at the Karma Group! We wish you many more years of happiness! Not long to go for your superannuation now… 🙂

    3. Belum pernah menang mengikuti kuis ini atau kuis apapun dari karma. Ingin rasanya kembali lagi berlibur ke BALI. Apalagi menginap di Karma Kandara atau Karma Jimbaran. Selama menjadi member karma, kami hanya baru sekali menikmati liburan di Karma Kandara. Sangat menyenangkan dan selalu ingin kembali. BALI, We miss you so much…can’t hardly wait to visit BALI again…beautiful beach, white sand, cliff, tasty food, people in Bali (tradisional market with so many food & art, people who become our family, etc).

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