What’s Your Wanderlust Wavelength?

When you think of your perfect Karma destination, what springs to mind? Join us as we take you on a quick journey that should reveal some of your inner travel-tendencies – and the travel-tribes you’re likely to gel with! And remember, whichever traveller profile you end up with, you can be sure that Karma has a host of destinations that fit the bill for you! 

    Dream Destination:

    Packing Essentials:

    Ideal Travel Companions:

    Dining Preference:

    Getting around:

    Preferred Activity:

    Accommodation Choice:

    Souvenir Selection:

    Travel Playlist:

    Unplanned Detour:


    • Mostly A’s: You’re an Urban Explorer! Dive into the vibrancy of city life, seeking cultural events and trendy experiences.
    • Mostly B’s: You’re a Nature Nomad! Find solace in wilderness, rural rhythms, embracing eco-conscious adventures and natural wonders.
    • Mostly C’s: You’re a Culture Connoisseur! Immerse yourself in history and traditions, exploring cultural landmarks and historical sites.

    Now you’ve confirmed your travel preferences – find the perfect Karma destination to match and contact your Karma Concierge to make it happen in 2024! 🌍✈️


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