We’ll all be holidaying again soon

John Spence

This week, Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman John Spence and his wife Nanette celebrated their wedding anniversary – with a picnic in their back garden! More about the exciting new travel product Karma Nomad. Essentially, the Karma Group has partnered with operators of campervans for holidays tailored to Karma Group members – starting with journeys through New Zealand and Australia. As well, the group is negotiating with operators of boats – expect some amazing opportunities for holidays on boats on oceans, lakes, rivers including canal boats in England! In other positive news, Karma Rottnest will be opening the Riva restaurant soon, and it looks like the Karma Group resorts in Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Germany may be reopening over the next months. Says John: ‘In the meantime, look after yourself and stay healthy. Whether it’s a canal boat, on an exotic beach or a campervan, we’ll all be holidaying again soon.

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Happy Anniversary , Best wishes for Many Happy Healthy More to come Still enjoy the Updates, please don’t stop

  2. Absolutely loving the updates John, however, you are creating a drinking problem as everytime I see you with a red, I have to open one haha

  3. Dear Mr. John Spence thank you for your commitment and regular latest information in the best interest of the members and guests. May God bless us all. Kind regards

  4. Happy Anniversary Mr. John Spence & Mrs. Nanette. May the choices blessing of God be with you and your family always. Our blessings to you as well. God willing, we will be celebrating our 53rd Wedding Anniversary at the Karma Chakra, Kumarakum, Kerala this year.

  5. WE are New Zealanders who had European travel plans cancelled and seem unlikely to be able to travel outside Australasia for quite a long time. How can we use our points within Australia and New Zealand?

  6. Happy Anniversary John and Nannette. Stay Safe and best wishes to all of you and the Karma Group.

    1. Dear Alan, on behalf of the Chairman, a Big Thanks for your best wishes. Karma Group warmly reciprocates and wishes good health for you and your loved ones. Cheers #StaySafe

  7. Happy Anniversary Mr. John Spence & Mrs. Nanette. Be blessed.
    Thank you for your commitment and regular latest information in the best interest of the members and guests.
    Keep updating and stay safe.

    1. On behalf of the Chairman we thank you for your Good wishes and the lovely feedback, Mr. Patade! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark. Cheers! #StaySafe


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