‘We want to hear from you – our valued members, owners and clients.’

John Spence

From his back garden, John Spence, Founder and Chairman of the Karma Group, shares the latest updates over a bottle of Chianti. With travel restrictions loosening slightly, people will be wanting and able to take holidays again soon so we are keen to hear from you – our Members, Owners and clients about what type of holidays you are craving for.  News on Karma Group’s two-phase re-opening roll out plus more on the Karma Nomad product.‘We look forward to welcoming you soon to our resorts –  stay healthy and hydrated.’

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Considering the current climate of lock-down and restricted travel, what is the Karma Group doing about ensuring that there is relief provided to us as members when management fees and levies are due?

    1. We live in Western Australia and like other Members would like to know what happens to this years Maintenance fee which we paid for in October 2019 for the Year 2020. As everyone is aware in Australia we are in lockdown with no airline travel at all, (International and Domestic), with NO Travel permitted at all and isolation and 2 weeks quarantine required. This means we are unable to go or use any Resort anywhere!! We are wondering if the Maintenance from 2020 can be carried over to 2021 please. Especially when every Karma Resort is not available anytime. Even if some Resorts are going to “open in July” we have been warned in Australia there will be no International travel at all. Rottnest Island in WA (not far from where we live) has been used ONLY for Corona Virus patients and Healthcare workers…. and closed to ALL visitors. This is for 2 week quarantine blocks and off limit to the public.

      1. Hi Kaye & Tom, thank you both for taking the time to give us your feedback and we hope that you are all safe and well. The 2020 Management Charge that you paid is being used to maintain the resorts, service the club and keep things running smoothly. We are of course monitoring the situation and will continue to keep our valued members updated. Should you need more information please contact us directly at karma.odyssey@karmagroup.com. Thank you!

      2. Wondering if our fees will be carried over to the next year, or at least part of them. In Australia we aren’t able to travel for quite some time, even Rottnest is unavailable to us at the moment. I heard too that the karma nomad will be v starting up, hopefully soon but I believe you can only book 7 days. Not much use in a place like Australia with vast distances in between states. We are keen to do it but it will depend on costs and time frames.

  2. We are UK residence and had our BA flight cancelled in March and cannot confirm flights back or flights anywhere outside SA. We would like to know more about Karma Nomad, where it is available etc. Our son relocated to New Zealand and we would like to see him and this way seems a good way to visit the family and have quality time with them. We would also be interested to travel the UK as well if you operate there as well.

  3. I would like to know more about the Nomad program for New Zealand, when, where is it, or will it be available.

  4. We also would like to hear more about the Nomad program. It is mentioned in John’s vides but no real information about it

  5. Once we are back to normalcy after the pandemic, certainly would like to explore the Nomad Program!

  6. I am interested in knowing more about the nomad travel and whether it can be used on points. Also, we had two Karma experiences booked, but as we live in Western Australia, will not be able to utilise what we have booked. Can we discuss whether this can be transferred to nomad travel. Also, as per above regarding maintenance fees. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sana and David, thank you for expressing interest in our Karma Nomad holidays! A Karma Odyssey Navigator will be in touch as soon as possible to answer your queries, we look forward to welcoming you back soon! Cheers #ExperienceKarma

      1. How do we get more info on Karma Nomad please. Relocating from London to Sydney in July. Thanks!

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