‘We are all incredibly resilient’

John Spence

From isolation at his home office in England, the Karma Group’s Chairman and Founder, John Spence, shares his thoughts on the Karma Group’s resorts’ activities, expansions, and the future of health and travel. ‘I’m a great fan of the quote by Sir Alex Ferguson who used to say that people spend too much time worrying about circumstances they can’t control when we really should spend our time focused on circumstances we can. Which is why the Karma Group is focusing on maintaining, upgrading and refurbishing our global resorts. Looking forward, the Karma Group anticipates a surge in domestic tourism, especially in Australia, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Vietnam. We’re also sending a message of hope to our frontline health workers. As well, we have created several food and financial care packages for our own frontline staff, especially those most vulnerable. There’s so much we can all do to help others right now – let’s stay positive.’

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. This is lovely to see and hear:). Yes. Its groundhog day for us also in one regard however Im a part-time frontline RN in Perth, so its a little different atm. Very keen to have short holidays close to home and this will give us something to look forward to in the short-term. So thank you:) and looking forward to more news:)

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed as to what is happening. We moved to Perth WA 17 years ago and so have lots of family still in the UK and we are so blessed that they are keeping safe at the moment and that we too are safe, as Perth hasn’t been as hard hit as the rest of Europe. We had planned to go back to the fabulous Karma Royal Candidasa this year, but doubtful that would happen now, so if there is anywhere within Australia or WA in particular to holiday to, that would be wonderful.
    Thanks for the video updates, it’s great to hear how you are looking after the company and the Karma family that work for you. Stay safe.

  3. Hi John thank you so very much for your uplifting video. It is just so great to hear your positive and encouraging words, loved the joke. It is great to hear that Karma is looking at options for Australia as we live in little old New Zealand and hence will be very restricted for travel, just hoping we will be at least be able to get to Australia. Does Karma have many NZ members? Again thank you so much for the updates, it is lovely to be getting to know you and hear about your family. Stay safe. Kia Kaha Alannah

  4. I heard you say that Karma has looking at developing some land on a river in Australia, but didn’t hear exactly where? Could you please tell us just where this land is? I look forward to hearing about and following the progress of this development as it would be wonderful to have another resort in Australia

  5. Great to hear such positive & common sense comments. Great to also hear that you may get into the camper van business in Australia, I’d like to be you first customer. I have a booking at Rottnest in December, looking forward to it. I live in Adelaide.

  6. Yes these are very strange times! really missed our trip to Karma Cay Tre this year.
    So glad we have invested in a company that has its members at its heart and know we will be well looked after through these strange times and even more so once we get back to normality. Thank you John and your amazing team can’t wait to see you all again on the other side. David & Debbie

  7. Hi John
    isolation is for contemplation and a consideration of the next phase of our life.
    Anggara and I enjoy your resorts. I know England well.
    I am currently in a hotel in Brisbane having had to return from Indonesia where my wife is stranded in Jakarta.
    We will get through this chaos. Enjoy life mate.
    Hope to meet you one day

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