Vitamin C + Vitamin Sea

Scourge of scurvy, maintainer of a healthy immune system… We have a lot to thank vitamin C for. Which is perhaps why it has its own Vitamin C Day on April 4! Staying with our tropical island theme, we’re going out on a limb and including  that other great purveyor of human wellbeing in this week’s quiz: Vitamin Sea! Three lucky winners get a 7 night Bali getaway!

Results will be announced on our social channels on 19 April.


    1. On which Bali beach will you most commonly find vibrant rows of multicoloured umbrellas?

    2. Can you name the beach that is home to the renowned and delicious fish market?

    3. Which of these popular fruits in Bali (and a great beach snack) is full of Vitamin C?

    4. If you want to see wild dolphins in Bali, which beach do you need to head to?

    5. Unfortunately, we can’t get Vitamin C from sunbathing - But which vitamin does the sun give us?

    6. Keen divers need to head to this beach for the greatest underwater sights…

    7. Which Karma Group resort is home to the BEST beach club and private beach in Bali?

    8. On which island will you find the most Insta-worthy beaches?

    9. Indonesia has the second-largest coastline, which country has the first largest?

    10. What is the name of the beach that sits directly in front of our Karma Royal Candidasa resort?

    11. Tanah Lot is a temple in the sea, just Northwest of Canggu, do you know what Tanah Lot translates to?

    12. Which part of the body do both Vitamin C and the sea surprisingly benefit?

    13. Which Balinese beach is named after a food/beverage container?

    14. Which Bali beach was named the best sunset spot?

    15. True or False - The biggest waves are found under the sea’s surface?

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    1. So happy that Bali is open again for business and that we are able to travel from West Australia once more the Island of the Gods, cannot wait to get back to Karma Royal Candidasa

    2. Karma is not just a joyful destination, but also mixed with knowledge and experience

      1. We hope it brought back some incredible memories of Bali Valerie and tempted you to book your next getaway – Thank you for your engagement and good luck!

    3. Submitted and fingers crossed. I would like to win Karma Group resort stay before I buy the membership.

    4. Another fantastic quiz, I love completing these and learning a thing or two in the process. Keep the quizzes coming.

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