Vietnam’s Wallet-Friendly Wonder

Hoi An is home to one of Karma’s riverside resorts – and for good reason. The UNESCO World Heritage settlement is consistently voted among the most beautiful towns in the world, retaining wonderfully preserved indigenous Vietnamese as well as Chinese and French architectural influences and a soothing, laid back atmosphere that quickly takes you over. 

Now there’s even more reason to visit Hoi An, as the charming coastal town has just been crowned 2024’s Best Value Travel Destination – offering visitors a rich tapestry of experiences without the hefty price tag. Many of Hoi An’s charms are simple: stroll through the Old Town’s narrow lanes, where history is etched into every weathered facade. Chinese temples stand shoulder-to-shoulder with French colonial buildings, creating an architectural medley that simply works.

Foodies will find plenty to savour here. Join a local cooking class to uncover the secrets of Cao lau, Hoi An’s signature noodle dish. It’s a delicious way to delve into the town’s culinary heritage.

Hoi An also has a longstanding reputation for expert tailoring. Visit family-run boutiques for custom-made clothing that won’t break the bank. For a hands-on experience, try a workshop in traditional crafts like lantern making or silk painting.

If you want to swap narrow streets for open countryside, try a cycling tour through verdant rice paddies to An Bang beach. Here, unassuming seafood restaurants serve up fresh catches with a side of ocean views. As evening falls, partake in the Thu Bon River’s floating candle ceremony – a serene end to your day in the world’s most budget-friendly haven. 

To discover Hoi An’s magic, join our Glamping & Pagodas Curated Experience in August for an insider’s experience of this one of a kind destination – and check out these pics from our June adventure!

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