Vietnam & Kerala Cultural Immersions

Our Karma Curated 2023 Edition brings you five more unique travel adventures, this time in Vietnam and Kerala. Each experience brings to life a different aspect of these fascinating destinations – from their kaleidoscopic cultures and equally varied cuisines, to their stunning natural environments and customs and traditions that have endured for centuries. One of the highlights is a long weekend in the company of Karma’s Californian culinary mastermind Joseph Antonishek, who will be taking us on a fascinating culinary adventure over four days at the end of August – you’ll eat the best dishes Vietnam has to offer, learn about its distinctive flavour profiles and more…plus explore the magical Cham Island chain and experience the famous full moon lantern festival,

Culinary Hoi An through the eyes of Chef Joseph Antonishek, 28-31 August 2023

Experience a culinary adventure like no other, as we whisk you away to the vibrantly flavoured world of Vietnamese gastronomy in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An, famed for its rich diversity of cooking traditions… All through the experienced eyes of our award-winning Master Chef and culinary adventurer Joseph Antonishek! Over the course of four fun-filled days, you’ll step into a world of fragrant herbs, zingy spices, sizzling woks, brawny broths and mouth-watering morsels all while exploring the charming streets and alleys of one of the most beautiful towns in the world. You’ll also get to experience the unique traditions of the region, including basket boat trips on the river, lantern making – and of course cooking classes so you can bring the unique flavours back home with you.

Hoi An Lantern festival, 28-29 September 2023

Join us again in Hoi An this August for a two day mini-adventure celebrating the Hoi An Lantern Festival – a 400 year old tradition that takes place during the full moon and is one of Vietnam’s most captivating customs. Experience the culture and cuisine of the region and take part in the magical lantern release on the river, with hundreds of beautiful handmade paper lanterns being released into the night air –  a practice that is said to bring good fortune and love into your life…

Cham Island-Hopping Adventure, 24-25 August 2023

Vietnam’s Cham Island chain (Cu Lao Cham) is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve – and no wonder. The eight islands, located in the South China Sea off the coast of Hoi An are characterised by pristine white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs and lush flora.

UNESCO registered Cham Islands – come and discover their white sandy beaches, glittering coral reefs and sample the best of Vietnam’s fresh seafood.

‘Harela’ Kumaoni Farmers Festival, 16-18 July 2023

Join us in the heart of Uttarakhand for the famous ‘Harela Festival’, celebrated by farmers before sowing the new season’s crops. Witness unique cultural performances, rituals and puja (prayers), try your hand at some crop planting, sample traditional cuisine and explore the rich culture of the Kumaon region as well as its stunning flora and fauna.

God’s Own Country: Kerala Cultural Deep Dive, 28-30 August 2023

Explore Kerala like never before with our 3 day adventure taking in the best of local culture, sights and food! You’ll learn to play traditional Keralan games and try your hand at local crafts like coconut palm weaving; immerse yourself in rural Kerala’s timeless rhythms; explore the State’s backwaters, paddy fields and canals; all culminating in a celebration of the Onam Festival at Karma Chakra, with music, dance, ceremonial offerings and a multi-course vegetarian feast served on an enormous banana leaf and featuring more than 25 dishes.

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