Tourism Trivia for True-Blue Travellers

Given we’ve just endured a two year hiatus on travel – it feels like a good moment to dive into all things travel  with our quiz this week as we celebrate World Tourism Day, which lands on 27 September… test your knowledge and you could win one of three $100 vouchers to spend on your next holiday with Karma!

Winners will be announced on 11th October on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. ________ is the world’s top destination for international tourists.

    2. Roughly how many visitors does Bali have each year?

    3. One in nine American jobs depend on tourism.

    4. According to a recent study, what percentage of people reported a significant drop in stress after taking a vacation?

    5. Where is the most visited city in the world according to the 2022 Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index, with over 22 million international visitors?

    6. Once dubbed the “Double Sunrise” service, how many hours was the world's longest commercial flight?

    7. Where in the world will you find the most hotel rooms?

    8. Over 2,000 people arrive in a foreign country every 60 seconds.

    9. What happens to the coins that are thrown in Rome’s Trevi Fountain?

    10. True or False, jetlag feels worse when travelling from West to East?

    11. How many passengers does India’s train system transport each day?

    12. ________ is the world’s oldest tour operator, starting in 1841 with their first package being in Loughborough, UK.

    13. Which country (including overseas territories) covers the most time zones?

    14. What is the most common type of tourism?

    15. If you were to take a 10 hour flight, on average how many litres of water would your body lose?

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      1. Oh no, we hope you enjoyed it even thought the questions were a little tricky – Thank you for taking part and good luck!

      1. YES let’s get you jetting off again, please do let us know if you need any assistance with booking your next Karma getaway!

    1. Though being in the travel trade, a couple of questions were tricky. But answered them correctly.
      Enjoyed the quiz and always enjoy travelling.

    2. I so love settling into a great Karma Quiz.
      It’s not quite as good as arriving to one of the many beautiful Karma resorts.
      Just arrived back from Karma Song Hoai Vietnam.
      Thanks to the wonderful people at this amazing holiday resort, You all made us very welcome.
      We plan to return in March 2023.

      1. Music to our ears, thank you for taking part in our weekly trivia! It’s fantastic to hear you enjoyed your stay with us in Hoi An – We’d love to see your photos and Holiday Letter from your stay if you have the time to send them to

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