The Secret is out. Karma Sanctum Reopening

Looking for a fun mid-week or weekend escape? The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here – Karma Sanctum Soho and Karma Sanctum on the Green are reopening July 4th!

Picture yourself at our boutique Karma Sanctum Soho hotel enjoying sundowners at the Root Terrace Bar with friends (it’s been a while).  The private Roof Terrace Bar will be open until 1am for residents, guests of residents and booked ambassadors (chill-out electric and traditional shisha is now on the menu). The Wild Heart Grill restaurant will also reopen  – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in-between are back online.

Says Mark Fuller: ‘We’re supporting the Save Soho festival in London, and just trying to give a little bit of Karma Sanctum new normal back to the world. See you all in the pool at the mole or on the rooftop.’

Alternatively, citydwellers longing for a rural escape should consider a stay at Karma Sanctum on the Green. Imagine you and loved one (s) cozying up for the weekend at our countryside boutique hotel with endless green fields as your point of view. Luxe amenities include a heated pool, long languid brunches, and a pretty courtyard for outdoor dining under the stars. 

Don’t miss out on a much-deserved escape. Our reservations team are back online and waiting for your call…

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