The Karma Group Launches Karma Casa Plus Hints of a New Resort Opening in Margaret River.

John Spence

This Just In : The Karma Group’s Chairman and Founder, John Spence, returns from his recent stay at Karma St. Martin‘s with  two exciting announcements. For the first time ever, the Karma Group is offering short-term memberships, ‘Karma Casa’ (translated as ‘your house is my house’)  to give guests the unique opportunity to experience all the exclusive benefits of being part of the Karma Club. We’re growing: there’s a new resort opening on the horizon – in Western Australia’s Margaret River’s wine region! Says John Spence: ‘This is just the beginning of many new acquisitions for our domestic portfolio that will appeal to our local members as well as International travellers.’ We celebrate more resort reopenings including Karma Royal Haathi Mahal in Goa with other Indian resorts to follow.  Watch this space…

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Dear John Spence, Thanks for your kind information. God bless you and keep you safe and in good health.

  2. Please to hear that we are going to get a new resort in Margaret River Western Australia.

    1. Absolutely! We in Australia are really under resourced of Karma. I hope there is availability for singles & that there is public transport to the resort when flying from Sydney. I’d love to be able to pay in AUD & not have currency in US.
      What about that John ????

      1. Hi Clio, thank you for your feedback and interest in this exciting new property. We will make sure to contact you directly when we have more details for you!

    2. Hope you are well Patricia, we hope to have this new property available in the very near future and will send out details as soon as it is available for members to book! #KarmaCommunity

  3. Dear John, as an Australian I’m very excited to hear about the upcoming improvements to domestic travel. That’s great news! I have never been to Western Australia, and have only ever heard fantastic things about Margaret River, so I shall look forward to that in the near future (hopefully).

    Warm Regards

    1. Thank you for your kind words of support Shannan, Margaret River really is a beautiful place and we do look forward to welcoming you on a well deserved holiday! We will make sure to contact you when we have more details on the resort! #StaySafe #StayHealthy

  4. As our borders are closed at present and dont look like opening for a while it is exciting to gear that you are going to open a new resort in Margaret River, its a lovely region to visit and as I live in Perth we will definatlely be booking in as soon as it is open. Do you have a date for opening yet?
    Mike Carr

    1. Hi Mr Carr, thank you for your support. We have noted your interest in the new property and will make sure to contact you when we have more details! #StaySafe

  5. Congratulation John Spence and Team Karma for new acquisition of a resort in Margaret River, Western Australia. Hope to be there some time soon. Also kudos to you all for launching new product “Karma Casa”. Hope to hear more details on this short term holiday plans.

    Stay safe!!!

    1. Thank you Mr Shah for your interest in the new property in Western Australia’s Margaret River’s wine region and Karma Casa, a short-term memberships product . Our Karma Odyssey team shall contact you with more details . Cheers !!#KarmaCommunity

  6. Wow That’s a great news for Western Australians. Looking forward to add some domestic options in India. Great going John.

    1. Thankyou Mr Patade for the lovely comment .Good to have you here .You will be pleased to know that Karma Group has 8 resorts in India and we are looking at increasing our footprints in India and around the globe,so stay connected .Cheers #KarmaCommunity

  7. Congratulations on your newest acquisition resort Margaret River, western Australia. Karma properties are world renowned and noted for its extravagant, luxurious settings and I’m sure Margaret River just adds to the prestige under the homey theme of Karma Casa, mi casa es su casa. Best wishes for the future.

    1. Thankyou for such a beautiful comment Ms Susan .We respect and appreciate the trust you have in the Karma Group and thus we want to give you nothing but the best .Cheers ! #KarmaCommunity.

  8. Congratulations Karma for the new aquisition. Waiting eagerly to come out of the lockdown and start enjoying holidays in real sense. Your gourmet stint is very exciting .
    All the best for the new venture at western australia.

    1. With India unlocking , we look forward to seeing you soon at the Karma Group resorts and thank you for your kind words Mr Mehta. Glad that you find the contents exciting .Stay connected for more such exciting news and interesting contents. #KarmaCommunity.

  9. I’m very interested in the Karma Casa product to allow me to trial the Ksrma membership. How do I find out more about it? I can’t see anything on your website.

  10. Dear John Spence, this is wonderful news as my daughter in NZ was planning a vacation to Australia (they have the travel bubble) and was planning Rottnest resort. But she could now look at this new acquisition too. More Power to you.

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