The Inside Track with John Spence : New Year Edition

Our very first Chairman’s Session of 2023 is a humdinger, as John Spence brings us the very latest Karma news hot off the presses. First up though, there’s a quick review of our New Year’s Celebrations across the network – the first all-out party since the pandemic and an opportunity for John to thank all the Karma teams who made it such a success.

Then it’s swiftly onto news of new developments, with new resorts soon to come online in Spain, Bali, Thailand and – though not finalised – England’s beautiful West Country… as well as extensive refurbishments of existing properties to bring them up to Karma Group’s exacting standards. Tune in for all the details…


  1. A Happy New Year to you all at Karma. We have been members for years and love the properties we travel too but we do not drive abroad. Which properties are within walking distance of the local towns/villages once we are there.

    1. Happy New Year Jacqueline. Great to hear you love spending time at our properties. Our Karma Concierge Team will be in contact with you soon to give you some great options!

  2. Hello John,
    We viewed your update and found it of interest, and hope that all of your plans are fulfilled.
    However, we are both in our 80’s with some medical issues that cause us to contain our holidays within Australia. With the loss of Rottnest, and the seeming unending delays with Margaret River, there is no Karma-owned/operated resort in Australia on which to ‘spend’ our points (which come from our fractional ownership in Bali). We find the RCI options unsuitable as one can’t book more than three months ahead, which is useless for planning holidays a year hence, as we want to do. We thought initially that the Nomad program might suffice, but then we found that points could not be used for the hire of vehicles – and further, we have our own caravan.
    What we would like to see is greater attention given to buying/building a resort (or two) in a holiday location in Australia, with at least one on the East coast, possibly on one the islands strung down the Great Barrier Reef. (Another suggestion would be to offer members an ‘outback’ experience, with opportunities to explore some of our great national parks – for example, near Darwin.) The acquisition of at least one Karma resort in Australia would give us the opportunity get value from our investment – rather than have the few hundred points we have accrued simply expire from want of an opportunity to use them (as has happened to some of our points at the end of 2022).

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