‘The ink is almost dry regarding our newly acquired resort located in the beautiful city of Yogyakarta Indonesia’

John Spence

John Spence checks in from Southern Spain with so much positivity to share – including the acquisition of a beautiful new resort in Yogyakarta! He invites Karma Group Members and Owners to participate in Karma Group’s Little Black Book concierge imitative that will be soon available digitally on the Karma Group App – get in touch to share your favourite spots.

There’s more about the opportunity to stay at our luxury Estate, Le Preverger, celebrity rugby events, resort upgrades plus a teaser about a new real estate lifestyle product!  With countries including Australia, India, Europe, and the UK welcoming double vaccinated travellers without quarantine, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Says John: ‘People are making bookings so start considering where you’d love to travel and call us to arrange your much-deserved holiday.’

See you soon

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. It will be good if you could start something in Bangalore.
    The existing one in Bangalore ( Karma Sunshine villege) is too small .

    1. Hi Vijaykumar! The Karma Group is always actively looking for new locations and resorts that appeal to its Members. Your suggestion will be passed on to our team. Thank you.

  2. Please do not forget Western Australia, we need more resorts to be open to us as well. Currently we only have one. Thank you.

    1. We’d be happy enough to spend a week in Bali again to check if indeed the light at the of the tunnel is real.

  3. How is stage 6 at Kandara going. Is it nearing completion notwithstanding COVID. I invested in a 4 bedroom Villa which my family are keen to visit.

    1. Hi Karthik! Our acquisitions team is constantly looking for resorts and properties to enhance our members’ holiday experiences. We are definitely looking at locations in South India.

  4. I look forward to your expansion options in Australia especially in WA if the lease at Rottnest is not being renewed. I have noticed many of the members are ageing and stairs are difficult for some in some locations (eg: Crete, some Bali resorts, India and Vietnam).

    1. Hi Gary, thank you for your feedback in regards to stairs it is well-noted with our management team. In regards to Aussie properties, please lookout for an email from us very soon regarding this!

    1. Hi Rajesh, Karma Merapi is open for bookings from 8th December, you can see lots of exciting information in the articles under our ‘Experience Karma’ and ‘Members Corner’ sections of Karma Community – and on our Karma Odyssey Facebook channel too!

  5. Good to hear this update and to see you in Spain. Would love to visit this resort and then add on a trip to Seville. Love the idea of a Karma river boat trip in Egypt. One of our best ever holiday experiences. Continuous picturesque river bank scenes as we silently sail up to amazing temples at the crack of dawn with our own knowledgeable guide. Thanks once again John for all your positivity and blogs which have honestly helped me through this travel restricted period of my life.

    1. What an amazing picture you paint of your Nile Cruise, Ms. Belfield!!
      It’s encouraging to hear of how beneficial our Chairman’s words have been to you.
      Thank you for your constant support and encouragement.

  6. Would like to know if any Karma resorts coming in the near future in Japan, China and Dubai.

    Please let us know about the river trip in Egypt, We have no resort in Egypt, so how the river trip is managed?

  7. Thank you for your kind information John. Pray for better happy days ahead. Take care and be safe and blessed

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