The Fab Four Pop Quiz

This week we tip our hats to arguably the greatest band of all time – the Beatles. So Don’t Let Me Down, Come and Get It!  Answer Every Little Thing correctly with a Little Help from your Friends and in The End you could be Glad All Over as we’re giving away 3 x US$100 vouchers – Winners to be announced on Karma Concierge Channels on 14 May – It Won’t Be Long. And I’m sure We Can Work It Out!


    1. The Beatles, one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of all time, emerged from which British city?

    2. Which of these Beatles’ albums includes the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"?

    3. As their popularity grew into an intense fan frenzy, the band acquired the nickname:

    4. The name given to the popular frenzy surrounding the Beatles after the band’s first appearances on British television in 1963:

    5. This original drummer from the Beatles was replaced by Ringo Starr just before the band became world-famous.

    6. Who was The Beatles' manager during their rise to fame?

    7. Which of these Beatles songs features the lyrics "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"?

    8. During the week ending April 4th, 1964, The Beatles made history by holding the Top ___ slots on the Billboard Hot 100.

    9. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the album selling the most copies in the United States is:

    10. The Beatles released a total of how many studio albums during their career:

    11. This song, backed by "P.S. I Love You," was the debut single by the Beatles and reached number 17 on the UK charts.

    12. Name the Beatles album that features a famous zebra crossing on its cover.

    13. The Beatles travelled to which of these countries to study transcendental meditation:

    14. What year did the Beatles officially break up?

    15. The Beatles' last public concert was held in 1966 at:

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    1. The Beatles are Legendary! They revolutionized Music & had profound impact on Culture. They wrote timeless songs that continue to resonate with even today’s audience. Their message of Love, Peace & Social Consciousness helped to shape the culture in 1960 & beyond.

    2. The Fab Four are one of The All Time Greats! They pioneered new recording techniques, experimented with different genres & wrote timeless songs that continue to resonate with audiences today.

    3. The Fab Four is a nickname for the Beatles, a band from Liverpool, England that dominated pop music for a decade. The band’s members are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The Fab Four earned their nickname as their popularity grew into Beatlemania, an intense fan frenzy.

    4. I was heartbroken to find out that Sgt. Peppers was NOT the most popular Beatles album in the US. Sheesh! 🙂
      Great quiz, now I’m going to listen to the Beatles all day long until its bed time!

      1. Well, Popularity can’t really change our personal favourites and we love Sgt. Peppers!! Enjoy the music, Shree.

    5. Beatles!!! The Greatest of All Times!! The quiz brought nostalgic memories of the wonderful music they created. Loved the quiz.

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