The Art Of Movement

Ultimate Library brings you five books to inspire you to move! From Curious Poses, which tells the stories behind the yoga asanas now practised by millions across the globe to 52 Ways to Walk, which gets granular about one of the most fundamental of human activities to The Art of Cycling – a sort of meditation by a former competitive rider. These reflective reads are sure to motivate you to hit the saddle, trail or mat. The perfect festive season read in preparation for starting your New Year’s Resolution fitness journey in January!

1. The Lost Art of Running: A Journey to Rediscover the Forgotten Essence of Human Movement by Shane Benzie and Tim Major

Part narrative, part practical, this adventure takes you to the foothills of Ethiopia and the ‘town of runners’; to the training grounds of world-record-holding marathon runners in Kenya; racing across the Arctic Circle and the mountains of Europe, through the sweltering sands of the Sahara and the hostility of a winter traverse of the Pennine Way, to witness the incredible natural movement of runners in these environments. Whether
experienced or just tackling your first few miles, this ground-breaking book will help you discover the lost art of running.

The Lost Art of Running

2. Winter Swimming: The Nordic Way Towards a Healthier and Happier Life by Dr Susanna Søberg (trans. by Elizabeth DeNoma)

A beautifully illustrated exploration of cold-water traditions in Scandinavia and around the world, and a thorough account of why it provides such a boost to body and soul. Whether in lake, lido, river or sea, we know the benefits of swimming outdoors and in
nature – environmentally friendly and accessible, it can influence our happiness, our energy and our inner tranquillity, and give us that winter glow.

Winter Swimming

3. 52 Ways to Walk: The Surprising Science of Walking for Wellness and Joy, One Week at a Time by Annabel Streets

Walking strengthens our bodies, calms our minds, and lifts our spirits. But it does so much more than this. Our choice of location, time, direction, duration, walking companion and gait, as well as the weather we opt to walk in, can transform our daily stroll. Here, Annabel Streets shares the thrill of 52 walking styles, explaining the latest science behind each one, and providing practical tips for making the most of your daily steps.

52 Ways to Walk

4. Curious Poses: 30 Yoga Postures and the Stories They Tell by Lucy Greeves

Meet the monks and maharajas, gods and gymnasts who shaped yoga as we know it. Have you ever wondered why yoga postures look the way they do, or how they got their names? From Lotus to Warrior, Cobra to Happy Baby, this book takes a fresh look at the stories behind 30 familiar poses. Let this book take you on a journey into a treasure trove of yoga history, mythology, philosophy and pop culture that enlightens and entertains by turns.

Curious Poses

5. The Art of Cycling: Philosophy, Meaning and a Life on Two Wheels by James Hibbard

A love letter to the sport of cycling, tracing the journey of a former racer regaining his love for the sport and showing how cycling can shed new light on age-old questions of selfhood, meaning, and purpose. Interweaving cycling, philosophy, and personal narrative, The Art of Cycling provides readers with a deep understanding into the highs and lows of being an elite athlete, and how the lessons learned in sport can be applied elsewhere in life.

The Art of Cycling

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