Tailored Travel Trends

The world of travel is continually evolving – and at Karma Group we like to be in the vanguard of the latest travel trends. Here we look at three unique ways to give your holiday a signature twist – with a little help from Karma!

Game-On Getaways!

In our ever more connected world and with athletes performing ever more jaw-dropping feats of skill, endurance and dexterity, sports have never been more popular! Here at Karma Group, we’re big supporters of sports – from rugby to running to cycling. And with the Tour de France kicking off in Italy for the very first time,  the world’s best riders will be racing through the stunning streets of Florence.  Sports tourism is hitting its peak. For Karma Group Members, Italy offers not only stunning landscapes but also the chance to witness sporting history in action, with Borgo di Colleoli as your base in the heart of Tuscany. Meanwhile, with the Olympic Games being hosted in Paris and at venues across France, Karma Chateau de Samary just outside Carcassonne provides the perfect pre- or post-Games retreat, offering period luxury in rural Southern France.

Karma Cool-Cations

Are you a cool-cautioner? By that we mean do you love climates that hover around freezing – or even well below! Think crisp, clean, energising air, soaring snow capped mountains, ski slopes and Scottish glens… well, Karma Group has it all! Explore the windswept heather clad hills and wild lochs of Scotland (Karma Lake of Menteith), the Bavarian Alps with their world class ski resorts (Karma Bavaria) and in India, you can visit the so-called  “Roof of the World” itself – the Himalayan massif, whether Karma Utopia in magical Manali or Karma Martam Retreat in Sikkim.

Biohack Holidays

We’re in the midst of a health revolution as science uncovers the complexities of the human body in ever greater detail – from mapping the human genome to understanding the microbiome to tailoring exercise and nutritional regimes to specific individuals… at Karma Group, we bring you a mix of cutting edge treatments and fitness programmes with leading health and wellness experts that lean into the latest wellness trends. We also honour ancient practices like Ayurveda or Balinese healing traditions… experience it all through our Karma Spa facilities around the world.

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