Sports & Schooners Speakeasy in Paradise…

Here’s one for all you nighthawks, sportsters and cocktail corsairs out there: Set your compass to the catacombs of the newly opened Mentari Residences at Karma Kandara, where a secreted speakeasy is about to open its doors. Prepare for a grand inauguration as we unveil Schooners Sports Bar, the latest gem in the Karma Group crown.

Conceived as a clandestine venture by the Chairman himself, this speakeasy-style watering hole boasts a moniker that pays homage to maritime lore and the iconic Australian schooner pint. 

Anchored by a colossal projector screen, top-notch sound system, and twin TVs broadcasting upcoming matches, it’s a haven for sports enthusiasts and Bali buccaneers of every stripe.

As you navigate through the corridors adorned with the memorabilia of sporting legends, prepare your taste buds for a voyage of discovery. Our mixologists stand ready to concoct libations unmatched across all the seven seas, while our chef crafts culinary delights fit for champions.

But Schooners Sports Bar is more than a mere venue for athletic spectating and epicurean delights—it’s a rendezvous point for the Karma Community. So don your eye patch and heed the call of the Pirates Only signs, as we embark on a journey of camaraderie and celebration.

And while you’re here, don’t miss the chance to explore the opulent Mentari apartments themselves, where luxury meets coastal charm in perfect harmony. With unrivalled amenities and breathtaking views, it’s a retreat fit for royalty.

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