Songs Gone Wrong

World Music Day falls in a couple of weeks on 02 July! It’s not always easy to decipher the lyrics of even the most iconic pop songs – as proven by the selection of misheard lines from classic tracks from the last few decades… but can you identify the correct lyric from the selections below? Answer all 15 correctly and you could win one of six US$50 vouchers we’re giving away!

Please find below the winners name for the “Songs Gone Wrong” Quiz

Mrs. Sandra Reibel, Karma Group Member since 2015
Mr. Robert Gordon Pringle, Karma Group Member since 2015
Mrs. Alene Yorke, Karma Group Member since 2016

Mr. Sachin Godambe, Karma Group Member since 2011
Mrs. Wenona Fernandes, Karma Group Member since 2001
Mr. Rufus Kumar, Karma Group Member since 2020


    1. Misheard Lyric: "Scuse me, while I kiss this guy"- Jimi Hendrix, ‘Purple Haze’

    2. Misheard Lyric: "Wrapped up like a Douche”- Manfred Mann, ‘Blinded by the Light’

    3. Misheard Lyric: "Hold me closer, Tony Danza”- Elton John, ‘Tiny Dancer’

    4. Misheard Lyric: “Feel the beat on the tangerine”- Abba, ‘Dancing Queen’

    5. Misheard Lyric: “We built this city on sausage roll”- Starship, ‘We Built This City’

    6. Misheard Lyric: “I get high” - The Beatles, ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’

    7. Misheard Lyric: “Let’s pee in the corner.” - R.E.M., ‘Losing My Religion’

    8. Misheard Lyric: “It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not” - Bon Jovi, ‘Livin' on a Prayer’

    9. Misheard Lyric: “There’s a bathroom on the right” - Creedence Clearwater Revival, ‘Bad Moon Rising’

    10. Misheard Lyric: “I got heels, they’re made of ply,” - John Travolta, ‘You’re the One that I Want’

    11. Misheard Lyric: “Got a Lonely Starbucks Lover” - Taylor Swift, ‘Blank Space’

    12. Misheard Lyric: “Or should I just keep chasing penguins” - Adele, ‘Chasing ______ ‘

    13. Misheard Lyric: “I’m farting carrots” - Selena Gomez, ‘Good for you’

    14. Misheard Lyric: “We’re working for peanuts” - Europe, ‘The Final Countdown’

    15. Misheard Lyric: “I can see clearly now Lorraine is gone.” - Johnny Nash, ‘I can see clearly now’

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