Skate Punk Screamers Trivia

This ones for all you Millennial/Gen X Rockers out there – yes, it’s that time of year again, where we celebrate the tattooed skate punk screamers, Blink 182. Do you have encyclopaedic knowledge of this US rock outfit?  Answer all 15 correctly and you could win one of six US$50 vouchers we’re giving away! Winners announced 09 July 2024.

Congratulations to Our Quiz Winners!

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    [Hint: Most answers are in Alliterations]

    1. Blink-182’s first major hit album "Enema of the State" features on its cover…

    2. What genre is Blink-182 primarily associated with?

    3. What was the name of Blink-182’s concert tour launched in support of their 1997 album "Dude Ranch," which featured drummer Travis Barker for the first time?

    4. What is the title of the independently released EP by Blink-182 on 18 December, 2012?

    5. Blink-182 was formed in 1992 when Tom DeLonge entered a high school competition and met drummer Scott Raynor. What was the name of this competition?

    6. What's My Age Again?' was originally titled:

    7. What intriguing label name has been associated with Blink-182’s "Dogs Eating Dogs" EP, although the band has not confirmed its formation?

    8. What’s the name of the track with “ This world's an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me” in the lyrics?

    9. Which song by Blink-182, released in 2017, is often associated with themes of nostalgia and emotional longing that mention a Mountain Top and an old Guitar?

    10. In which TV show did Blink-182 make a cameo appearance?

    11. Complete the lyric from “Bored to death and _________”

    12. In Blink-182’s song “What’s My Age Again?”, how old does Mark Hoppus famously claim he doesn’t want to act?

    13. Which Blink-182 side project comprised the lead vocalist & guitarist- Tom DeLonge?

    14. If teenage angst had a soundtrack, this would be it. It has- “I hate, hate, hate your guts” in its lyrics.

    15. Mark Hoppus wrote this song after having a nightmare when he and his future wife started dating, explaining the feeling of fear when starting a new relationship.

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    1. The great quiz to celebrate the tattooed skate punk screamers, Blink 182. Enjoyed solving the quiz.

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