Scotland The Brave Trivia

Beloved the world over for its heartbreakingly beautiful landscapes, its proud peoples and millennia old traditions (including turning the fermentation of grains into a fine art!) Scotland punches well above its weight considering its diminutive size (it’s about the size of South Carolina in the US the 43rd largest of the US’s 50 states) – but how much do you know about the fabled land of Caledonia?

Two lucky winners will receive a Scottish Hamper. Winners will be announced on 13 December on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. In which Scottish county would you find the town of St. Andrews?

    2. Which Scottish novelist wrote "Ivanhoe"?

    3. How many years must a Scotch Whisky mature to be considered Whisky?

    4. What is the national animal of Scotland?

    5. What is the most popular soft drink in Scotland?

    6. On which Scottish Island did George Orwell write 1984?

    7. In which year were the crowns of Scotland and England united?

    8. Which landmark is closest to Karma Lake of Menteith?

    9. What is the biggest loch (by surface area) in Scotland?

    10. Who was Mary Queen of Scots’ first husband?

    11. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, but for which other European country is he also a patron?

    12. How tall is the The Old Man of Hoy, the UK’s tallest sea stack?

    13. Can you name this famous cow, found in the Scottish Highlands and Outer Hebrides?

    14. In km, how long is the Royal Mile in Edinburgh?

    15. Which famous Scottish figure was depicted in the 1995 film Braveheart?

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