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It’s National Cheese Day in the UK on 04 June, preceded of course by the legendary Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Contest, which features contestants from around the world running down a hill in hot pursuit of a Double Gloucester Cheese. 

However, we digress! Answer all 15 of these cheesy questions correctly and you could win a complimentary Karma Curated Experience of your choice!* There are three to be won, winners to be announced on Karma Concierge Channels on 18 June. Brie lucky!!


    Who Am I?

    1. Often featured in a classic Italian dish alongside tomatoes, basil, and olive oil, I make a colourful trio in Caprese salad or Margherita pizza.

    2. I'm often called the "King of Cheeses" and hail from Italy. My texture is crumbly, my flavour intense, and I’m typically aged for at least two years.

    3. I'm a Dutch cheese with a mild, nutty taste and a distinctive red wax coating. I'm often found sliced in sandwiches or grated over salads.

    4. I'm an English blue cheese with a rich, tangy flavour and a crumbly texture. I'm often used in traditional dishes like Ploughman's Lunch.

    5. I'm a Greek cheese made from sheep's milk and sometimes mixed with goat's milk, known for my salty flavour and crumbly texture.

    6. I'm a Swiss cheese known for my distinctive holes and sweet, nutty flavour. I melt beautifully and am often used in fondue.

    7. I'm an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream but with a smoother texture and a slightly sour taste. I'm often used in salads and pasta dishes.

    8. I'm a Spanish cheese made from sheep's milk and aged in caves. I have a firm texture and a rich, nutty flavour.

    9. I'm a soft, creamy cheese with a white rind, originating from Normandy, France. I'm often paired with fruits or spread on crackers.

    10. I'm a cheese from the West known for my orange colour and smooth, creamy texture. I'm a popular choice for grilled cheese sandwiches.

    11. I'm a Swiss cheese known for my nutty flavour and hole-filled appearance, perfect for melting or snacking.

    12. I'm a French cheese known for my strong aroma and creamy texture. I originated from the Île-de-France region and matured in caves.

    13. I get my distinctive blue veins from mould spores introduced during the cheesemaking process.

    14. I'm the cheese kissed by the aromatic essence of cumin seeds, adding a sprinkle of savouriness to every bite.

    15. I come in all sizes and shades, from sunshine yellow to fiery orange, hailing from a quaint English village in Somerset.

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