Save Soho Summer Street Party #SaveSoho

As we emerge from the recent crisis and start to navigate our way through these uncharted waters, creative thinking and solutions will be needed to keep some small and medium businesses open and thriving.

Which is why Karma Sanctum Soho is thrilled to support the ‘Soho Summer Street Initiative’ led by John James who is the managing director of London’s Soho Estates.

The Soho Summer Street Festival is an initiative to help save Soho’s unique character and status as the cultural and vibrant heart of London.  

Explains James: ‘Soho is world famous for being the cultural and vibrant heart of London. It attracts visitors from all over the world and is known for its many and varied bars, clubs and restaurants.’ However, he adds that with the UK Governments proposed social distancing measures which include spacing tables two metres apart, many restaurant and cafe businesses will not be able to survive on a third of their customers.

The idea with Soho Street Party is to pedestrianise the area, making most of Soho car-free between 8am-11pm with licenses granted for restaurants, pubs and bars to safely trade in the street outside for the summer.

‘We are in danger of losing Soho’s identity and must do all we can to help our small innovative tenants who, without help, will not survive this atrocious time,’ says James. ‘The quickest way to trade within the rules is to use the streets and ban the cars’.

Among those supporting the cause include Steven Fry and Amanda Holden – and the Karma Group!





  1. People need to be social. Isolation is the real killer. The entertainment industry has suffered too much already.

  2. I am a londoner and been visiting Soho and Piccadily Cirvus Leicester every year both in summer and winter for last 40 years. Its wonderful place and to see it bring boarded up and businesses going bankrupt is very sad. I agree with the suggested proposal and need to retain its glory and pleasure it provides to so many locals and tourists alike.

  3. It is a perfect opportunity to reclaim parts of London that were never designed to take the sort of traffic that ‘flows’ through every day. Pedestrianised Soho will be a breath off fresh air for all.

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