‘Resort Updates, Acquisitions and Openings’

John Spence

Karma Group’s Chairman and Founder, John Spence, checks in to share what’s happening in the world of Karma – with updates about existing resorts, expansions and exciting acquisitions.

‘’I want to thank everyone who helped raise funds for our charities including Karma Mayday. On Monday, we will announce the 500 nurses and doctors who will receive a free holiday on behalf of Karma Group! There’s news about the recent acquisition of a boutique riverside hotel in Hoi An Vietnam plus a luxury glamping resort in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia. All this, plus our Karma Concierge program is doing very well as is Karma Club and both of these initiatives will soon be available in Western Australia where many of our Members are based. A toast to all our health workers who have done a sterling job in protecting us all.  Stay safe, stay sane, stay hydrated.”

See you soon

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Thanks for the information in this critical time when Covid is all around and vacationers including me are pressed for vacations. Hope the turn round is quick. and

    1. Hi Victor! We are also hopeful for a better situation soon. We look forward to seeing you at one of our Karma Group properties as soon as you can get here safely!

  2. Sounds good but this is the first we have heard about Karma Club yet its already launched in UK. Also Karma concierge? where do we access this?
    Look forward to hearing more but being UK based and hearing its already been successfully launched here is a bit disconcerting.

    1. Hi David! Unfortunately Karma Cay Tre is no longer part of the Karma Group Resorts portfolio. We are, however, actively looking for a new property in Vietnam. An announcement will be made as soon as it is finalised.

  3. Hi sir John Spence, thank you for your kind updates
    Looking forward to visit favoured Karma Resorts soon. Take care be safe and blessed.

  4. Hi Where Can I find the information of Gold Days and plans for Karma Rottnest before it closes its doors please. Thank you Sue Macmillan

      1. It’s good to hear about the new development. Anything happening in Japan and any options to use other than RCI and or include glamping etc? We still have travel restrictions n it is difficult..

  5. Hi, all good news. Have you thought of another. Australian resort elsewhere than Western Australia? As you know Australia is big, central & Eastern population would like to see a resort in South Australia or NSW.

    1. Hi Mr Walton, indeed we are looking all across Australia and NZ for new resorts or acquisitions!! We will give a new announcement as soon as confirmed.

      1. May I suggest that you research Kangaroo Island, South Australia, It has fantastic resources such as Seal Bay, Remarkable Rocks. plus numerous bays, beaches and Flinders Chase. Apart from the quokkas KI has it all. It would be a fantastic for Karma Kangaroo Island.

  6. Thank you, Mr Spence, for all the great holidays, a lifesaver in these troubled times. We are off to wonderful St Martins next month (our 3rd visit) and Salford Hall in September. CAN’T WAIT!

    1. That is excellent news, Wendy! We are as excited as you are to welcome you to our Karma Group properties. Please send us some pictures of when you visit.

  7. Thanks John for the update, very interesting developments. Due to the Covid, we in the U.K. have not been able to use our points since 2019 abroad and as you say we have been unable to book the Isles of Scilly as they are fully booked. Do you have any furure plans to open a Karma in the Northern parts of the country e.g. The Lakes or Scotland? As we live in the North West it is difficult to get the travel sorted to visit the properties to the South due to availability and work commitments.

    1. Dear Ms. Norris,
      We’re sorry to hear of your difficulties in booking. With reference to your points, the Club has surely offered to extend the validity of your points? We have sent forward your response to Karma Odyssey and a Karma Odyssey Navigator will contact you shortly to address your concerns.

  8. It’s a shame that we can no longer use our points for Karma Nomad. We thought this was an excellent initiative for those who can not travel overseas due to the COVID international travel restrictions. Not sure how and when I can use points now.

    1. Hi Mr Willsher, we are very sorry for your dissapointment and hope our Navigator, you are currently in contact with, can rectify this and explain your points clearly!

  9. Will the karma Bavaria be in a different place to the original?
    Will Karma in Greece be in a different place to the one there already?

    Would love more resorts in Australia—ACT & Tasmania ( better location easier to get to than the current one).

    1. Dear Ms Hertzberg, Karma Bavaria and Minoan are in the same resort and location, nothing has changed there! We are currently planning new AU acquisitions and will make an announcement as soon as we can, thank you for your patience

  10. LOVELY to see all is starting to get back to normal. Our resorts or our Karma destinations in Europe Except in Italy do not have Kitchen Facilities. This excludes me and many of our members from enjoying these places due to our dietary requirements Surely at least a communal Kitchen can be accommodated at all places. we can then take our very young Grandchildren with us as well I FEEL VERY DISSAPOINTED AND EXCLUDED

    1. sorry to hear that my comments will not be published. It is through views expressed by members and some experiences that members have gone through that we can improve our services to the members and make them feel included as a part of Karma family

  11. Glad to know of the new Acquisition in Vietnam(Asia). Its high time our beloved Chairman Mr Spence gives equal importance to we Asian members
    interest and acquire some nice properties in Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, China. In the last couple of years, many of the resorts from Asian Continent
    has been discontinued or surrendered and new resorts has been added in Australia and Europe.
    Each of the above mentioned Asian countries has unique and attractive offers for the holiday lovers, hence you cannot imagine an Asian tour without a single directly owned holiday destination in these countries.

    1. Thank you for your very valuable suggestions Mr. Nazir.
      We, at the Karma Group are always, actively looking for suitable properties in destinations that appeal to our Karma Group Members. Your recommendations will definitely be taken into consideration.

      1. Appreciate your positive response. Anxiously waiting to hear/learn about acquisitions in the above mentioned countries
        and also in Dubai(EXPO 2020) Jordan(One of the Seven Wonders), Egypt(One of the Seven Wonders), The Australians, Europeans too must be waiting for an opportunity to visit these countries.

  12. Any idea when the new Margaret River accommodation will be ready. As it has to our notice that we are losing the accommodation at Rottnest

    1. Hi Dianne, due to the ongoing AU government restrictions we are unable at this time to provide a timeline for our new Margaret River property. But as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to make a big announcement! Karma Rottnest is available until the end of May 2002.

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