Perfect Getaways : Karma Group Launches Two Resorts

In the week that the Karma Group celebrated its 27th anniversary, the group also welcomed two new resorts into the International stable.

Confirms Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman, John Spence: “I am delighted to announce the tremendously exciting news that we have closed and finalised the deals to welcome two new resorts into our international stable.”

Karma Salak, is located in stunning western Javanese highlands in Indonesia whilst Karma Salford Hall is situated in the beautiful countryside of the English Cotswolds. 

Says Spence: “We predicted early on that domestic tourism would be extremely strong and that the difficulty and uncertainty of international travel would lead not to people staying at home, but instead embracing local destinations within their own countries.”“I am very proud to launch these two new Karma ships and I can sneak a preview that I hope more will follow in the coming weeks,” he adds.

Karma Salak, Indonesia

Karma Salak is located 70 km south of Jakarta in the west Javanese highlands at the base of the puncak pass under the towering volcano mount salak. The area has always historically been extremely popular with residents of Jakarta and the local cities, and because of its height enjoys a cooler and pleasant temperature. It’s famous for tea plantations, views, walks and magnificent scenery. 

The resort itself is located on 25,000 m of undulating and beautiful land. It currently comprises 21 rooms as well as amenities such as a restaurant, yoga space and sports facilities. Activities include golf courses, wildlife parks and cultural and fascinating experiences.

As well as fully renovating the existing property, there will be glamping tents on the property along with a multitude of activities for guests.

Karma Salford Hall, UK

Karma Salford Hall is located on the edge of the English Cotswolds, in the vale of Evesham and close to the birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford on Avon.

The area is famous for magnificent villages and attractions, restaurants, country pubs and tourist attractions plus the river Avon is only a mile away. 

The property itself has a fascinating history. Dating back to the 14th century it once belonged to King Henry viii, and is full of original historical and architectural features. The resort currently comprises 36 bedrooms along with bars, restaurants, meeting and conference rooms, games areas, libraries and many more areas and facilities. 

Outside there are beautiful gardens with a wedding marquee, tennis court and there are plans for a pool, leisure centre and additional rooms.


  1. I am delighted to see that we have a new resort in the UK and would like to know when we can start booking for a stay at Karma Salford Hall.

  2. Great news about the two new resorts opening. Can you please advice when the Bahamas resort will open? I was told in 2018 when I first became a member that is being finalized and will open soon but have not heard anything after. It will be great to find out as I am based in the US and during the pandemic it’s difficult to travel to the resorts that you already have.

  3. We are both very pleased to see another resort closer to home that we can use,as our usual eastern destinations have been put on the back burner,due to covid restrictions.

  4. Heartiest congratulations to the chairman and all members of Karma, for this new acquisition. We are looking forward to enjoying our holidays at these new resorts, once the present situation clears up.

  5. Lovely to see more resorts in the UK!
    Hope we can use points against this resort as I know we cannot for Karma Sanctum in Soho and Karma Sanctum on the Green Maidenhead..

  6. Great to see but we do need more European locations. A lot of British people signed up and yet we have limited resorts within easy travel

  7. Nice to get the news of to a resort closer to home. We would certainly like to stay in this beautiful

    Shirishchandra Modi

  8. Nice to hear the news of a resort closer to home. Will certainly think of going there
    as it is a nice countryside.

  9. Excellent news beautiful part of the country. As we are unlikely to fly distance any longer this Is welcome news. Will any part of it be dog friendly I wonder ? When will it be ready for booking

  10. Awesome, I thank you for being a member in December 2020, I hope that the resort will continue to develop again in various regions in Indonesia, and if you need new land, I can offer it to you, thank you

  11. Fantastic news, two new resorts. Would love to see more down under at some stage Karma group, New Zealand and Aussie for instance.

  12. India has a huge diversity in places, culture and weather. But we have very few resorts and maximum are in Goa. Why don’t you plan to have some more resorts in India on some unseen areas?

    1. Hi Satish! In addition to the four resorts in Goa, we also have Karma Exotica, Dharamshala – fabulous for its mountainscapes, Karma Sitabani, Corbett – a must visit for its jungles and tiger sightings, Karma Kasa, Bangalore for its serene environment, Karma Haveli, Jaipur for its old-world charm and Karma Chakra, Kerala is on the banks of Lake Vembanad. Please let us know if you would like to visit any of the Karma Group resorts in India that you may not have been to yet.

  13. Really Happy to know that two more resorts added Congratulations to the Team. Looking forward to visiting the same in future

  14. Congratulations for adding more beautiful locations . waiting for travelling with safe and health assured time .

  15. Gr8 news. Good to see 2 new reposorts coming up in Karma family. Would be eager to visit nith the reports in coming years.

  16. These are lovely destinations.
    When the pandemic is over we will look forward to visiting these places .

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