Paradise for Reel: Maldives Fishing Adventure

At the start of June, we announced our very first Karma Curated cruise experience on board our new Maldivian cruise vessel Karma Fushi, which takes place this November. We can now share more details on this once in a lifetime trip! 

Our four-night expedition aboard the luxurious Karma Fushi is led by Karma COO, lifelong fishing enthusiast and all round bon vivant Vic Faulkner – and it promises to be an angler’s dream come true, combining world-class fishing opportunities with the last word in tropical luxury.

The voyage begins on Monday 11 November, with a warm welcome and safety briefing from the crew, followed by dinner under the stars, where no doubt outlandish stories of fishing derring do will be exchanged as well as speculation about the journey to come! 

Each day presents a smorgasbord of fishing experiences. Early risers can perfect their casting techniques or learn the art of jigging before heading out for thrilling reef fishing sessions. Expect to battle with a variety of species using poppers, swimbaits, and bottom fishing techniques. As the sun climbs higher, indulge in gourmet lunches featuring your very own catch of the day – a true ocean-to-table experience.

Afternoons are reserved for trolling excursions as Karma Fushi navigates to prime overnight fishing spots. For the nocturnal anglers among us, the adventure continues with squid fishing and pursuits of elusive demersal species under starry skies.

The itinerary flexes to accommodate all levels of expertise, offering everything from lagoon casting on pristine sand spits to heart-pounding big game fishing in the deep blue. Culinary enthusiasts can even try their hand at filleting and cooking classes, ensuring the skills to impress last long after the voyage concludes. 

And for the non-anglers among you – fear not. There is more than enough to keep you entertained with snorkelling, jet skiing, paddleboarding and island hopping all possible, while Karma Fushi herself features on board swimming pools, jacuzzi, eateries, lounges and sun decks. 

As the adventure draws to a close, we’ll celebrate with a gala seafood dinner and awards ceremony acknowledging the week’s triumphs. With its perfect blend of thrilling fishing action, luxurious comfort, and breathtaking Maldivian scenery, this Karma Curated Experience is set to redefine the meaning of a fishing getaway.


  1. Love to be part of this fishing adventure. We have been members since 2015, this is the best Karma event yet!!! Please include us in this November fishing adventure on the Fushi!!!
    Michael Tobin
    Fareeda Wongtanee

  2. Looks great
    Certainly a trip to look forward to
    Maldivian fishing can certainly be diverse

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