‘Our thoughts are with our Members, staff and their families in India’

John Spence

Firstly, our thoughts are with all our Members, staff, friends and families in India. For now, our Indian resorts remain open and we are doing all we can to look after our staff. On the positive side, Karma Group recently rolled out vaccine programs in both Bali and Goa for over 2000 staff, their families and local communities plus we have new resorts opening in India and Indonesia (and Spain may be on the menu)!  John also shares exciting news about the launch of ‘Karma Frontline’, an extension of the recent ‘Operation Recuperation’ initiative that provided holidays for UK NHS frontline workers. Says John: ‘‘The stories from the UK NHS frontline workers were heart-wrenching and we wanted to do more.’’ Which is why the Karma Group will be giving away 500 holidays to frontline staff around the world. ‘‘I remain incredibly positive and bullish and we are coming through this storm – get vaccinated!’’

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Hi John – good to hear from you….I’m in Geraldton WA and no we are not in lock down it is just Perth and Peel (Mandurah area) ….and we in WA are pleased that Wr have short and sharp lockdowns so as to avoid both the spread or long lockdowns!

    Great idea rewarding our front line staff but please not just in UK – all our front line staff are putting themselves in the firing line from nurses, police through to emergency support personnel so can we please quickly offer the same in all places where you have Karma members!

    Also very disappointed that Karma are not being seen to support members in Australia and New Zealand …. we are all well enough to travel but restricted to travel within Australia and NZ yet no new options -please can you please support your Australian members and provide another resort here! Many thanks

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you Leanne. We have real pressures to met time lines, living in Perth, & I understand strong member numbers. Certainly paying of ongoing levies post 2021 will have full considerations!!

    2. Hi Leeanne, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback and we will of course make sure to pass this forward. We are actively looking for new properties within Australia and will make sure to keep you updated! We do have some great options available to our members in these areas, with many having been added since the beginning of the travel restrictions, to find out more click here – https://karmacommunity.karmagroup.com/members-corner/travel-to-australia-and-new-zealand/

  2. Respected Sir

    Looking at Covid you need to extend the calander validity of holidays which will close in Dec 21 by two more years for International & Domesctic by 1 year Holidays …

  3. Bullish and optimistic…. your own words for yourself. You’re a tonic and your positivity has been most welcome during lockdown in the UK. We joined up in August 2019 but so far we`ve only been able to enjoy the Karma Experience whilst watching your monthly blogs but looking forward to our first Karma holiday at Salford Hall very soon. Keep going with the projects.

    1. We’re very sorry to hear your Karma Experience started just as the pandemic began. Please let us know how your stay is at Karma Salford Hall, we hope it’s more than enjoyable after this past year Kathy. Thank you for your kind words!

  4. We need more Karma Resorts in Australia, there is only one karma resort in Australia (that is Perth).
    Try Melbourne Coast

    1. Thank you for your feedback Mr Moodley, we are actively looking for new properties within Australia and will be sure to keep our members updated as things develop! In the meantime we do have some amazing options available for our members down under and would be happy to have one of our Karma Odyssey Navigators contact you to discuss these options!

  5. Stayed for 2 weeks at Karma exotica Dharamshala
    Very delighted but felt a great deal for a Karma resort at Macdolganj where we often had to go for shopping etc

    1. Hi John, This is to inform you that I had an amazing experience this time at Hotel Monte Rio in North Goa … The staff especially at the Front desk, Maintenance department , Food & beverage section was very courteous , professional and caring. The property location in North Goa is just perfect and is quite accessible . Hoping for more such visits to other property locations in India for great and memorable experience.

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