‘Our new Karma Nomad travel product is a huge success’

John Spence

Back by popular demand, the Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman, John Spence, shares the latest updates (over a Vieux Telegramme wine) from our Le Preverger resort in the South of France.

‘Things are moving extremely fast as we can now travel in Europe and I feel privileged and happy to be here.’ In summary, Most of our European resorts have reopened and the first guests arrived this week at our Karma St. Martin’s resort in the Isles of Scilly. 

Our newly launched Karma Nomad product, featuring luxe motorhomes, has been a huge success. We will be expanding this by purchasing ‘expedition vehicles’ to give our Members, guests and clients the opportunity to explore outback Australia.

Karma Beach Bali at Karma Kandara reopened two weeks ago and we are now waiting for Bali airport to welcome back first domestic and then international flights for tourists.

Elsewhere, John says we are looking at launching new products. We are a robust company with a strong membership base and with our boutique hotels and resorts are very well-positioned for social distancing and safe holidays. 

Similarly in India, our resorts are poised for reopening.

We will continue to build on domestic tourism opportunities in the short term.

Stay tuned!

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Thank you Mr. John Spence for sharing best information of the Karma Resorts new developments with the members and guests.
    May God bless us and pray that the Covid 19 will be eliminated soonest.

    1. Thank you for your continued support and kind feedback Mr Karuppannan, we are so looking forward to seeing you on our resorts again very soon! #StaySafe

  2. Hi John
    Always enjoy your updates so its great to see you back on line. I am always interested in your wine comments as well as a person very keen on world wines. As I will be in Rottnest later next week you will be able to see my contribution at Govs if that now helps you fill your days in times of reduced travel.

    1. Thank you Gary, keep your eyes peeled as we will have more wine recommendations I’m sure! Wishing you a lovely holiday in Karma Rottnest. Don’t forget to share your holiday photos with us on our social media pages! #KarmaCommunity

  3. Incredibly refreshing to watch your update. I am in lock down in Victoria where it is also grey and cloudy at the moment, so this is breath of fresh air.

    1. Glad to hear that we can give you some positive news Roberta, hoping that the restrictions are lifted soon and we can welcome you on a very well deserved holiday! #StaySafe

  4. John mentioned sometime ago about two new resorts that were being considered in the UK; an update on this would be useful? Thank you.

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