Operation Recuperation

Here’s how the Karma Group is donating holidays to our health workers at the frontline.

The Karma Group is proud to announce a collaboration with ‘Operation Recuperation’, an organization dedicated to donating future holidays and stays in hotels, resorts and B&B’s to all the amazing frontliners.

Operation Recuperation is an initiative set up by Oxfordshire-based Rachel Sherwood to help front-line healthcare providers recover from the fight against Covid19.  It is collecting future pledges for hotel nights and second home stays to provide recuperation breaks for nominated healthcare workers when the time is right. 

Says Chairman and Founder, John Spence: ‘It’s been an utter revelation to realize how vulnerable and dependent we all are on the people at the frontline who are doing a fantastic job and we wanted to send a message of hope. The Karma Group is dedicated to making a positive influence by providing free accommodation and holidays to these frontliners.’ 

Karma Group will be donating a week’s holiday at six resorts – Bali, Tuscany, Isles of Scilly, Cookham Dean, Goa, and Crete.

Karma Kandara
Bali, Indonesia
Karma Borgo di Colleoli
Tuscany, Italy
Karma St. Martin’s
Isles of Scilly, UK
Karma Royal Haathi Mahal
Goa, India
Karma Minoan
Crete, Greece
Karma Sanctum on the Green
Cookham Dean, UK

How Operation Recuperation works : Recipient names will be selected by draw and given a choice of where they’d like to stay. The initiative generated 100 gifted stays in its first 20 days from cosy cottages to five-star hotels and is gaining momentum.

: https://www.facebook.com/oprecup/


  1. A good idea if people are ready to travel and come out so early. It is way long before one can reach out on the recuperation journey. Resorts and hotels will have to dedicate to ensure proper sanitization of premises every time the accommodation is occupied and vacated. It will be a real challenge. We can be only happy if we are able to control human behaviour especially their dedication towards maintaining cleaner environment than ever before.

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