New Year’s Aspirations

In this spirit of turning frowns upside down – here are our suggestions for turning New Year’s resolutions into joy-bringing personal revolutions:

  1. Take five images from different places in the world in 2022, print them and put them in a frame (rather than languishing with thousands of others on your device).
  2. Make every gift you give someone in 2022 an experience not a thing!
  3. Surprise your loved one with a weekly/monthly massage (whatever you can manage).
  4. Make your bedroom a digital free zone – and see how many books fill your imagination in 2022 (see our picks for a few ideas below).
  5. Karma Spa products. Benefits listed below…
  6. Make one dish you’ve never made before every month of 2022. Or failing that… sample one at your favourite eatery!
  7. Teach your tastebuds the difference between a cabernet and a merlot – and a myriad other grape varieties (and if at first you don’t succeed try, try  trrryyy agghaaainn 🤪).


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