National Sports Day Quiz

India continues to establish itself on the international stage as an emerging sporting nation outside of the national sport of cricket – which India has always excelled at of course. India started celebrating National Sports Day on August 29, 2012 – the birthdate of Major Dhyan Chan, a hockey great who won gold with his teams  at the Summer Olympics in 1928, ‘32 and ‘36… but how much do you know about the world of Indian sport?

Test your knowledge and you could win one of 3 x US$100 vouchers that are up for grabs. Winners to be announced on 13 September on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. What is the total number of gold medals won by the Indian Commonwealth Games Team in 2022?

    2. Which country was the first to host the Asian Games?

    3. Which Indian football legend holds the record for scoring the sixth-fastest goal (12 sec)in the history of international football?

    4. The Indira Gandhi Award is associated with which sport?

    5. Who famously said, “When people throw stones at you, turn them into milestones”?

    6. How many athletes participated in India's first Summer Olympic games?

    7. Major Dhyan Chand was awarded which civilian award by the Government of India?

    8. Which female athlete won the gold medal in 10,000 metres, and silver in 5,000 metres at the Asian Games in 2010?

    9. The Dronacharya award is awarded in which category of sports on National Sports Day?

    10. Which of the following is the oldest football competition in India?

    11. PV Sandhu is from which Indian city?

    12. Which athlete is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Indian track and field’?

    13. Which of the following games was invented in Jabalpur, India?

    14. Who is the only Indian sportsperson to have competed in six Olympic Games?

    15. The Indian Kabbadi team have won 7 out of 8 gold medals since the game was introduced at the Asian Games in 1990.

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