National Pet Day Competition!

We’re big animal lovers here at Karma – so we’re delighted to introduce this week’s quiz, which pays tribute to National Pet Day! And to continue the zoophilist (lover of animals) celebrations we are giving you not one but two opportunities to win!

Post a picture on Karma Group Facebook or Instagram, tag @karmagroup and use the hashtags  #ExperienceKarma #KarmaKanine – and you could land a bonus prize of US$100 for photos of your dog at one of our resorts!

Big or small, old or young, furry or smooth, funny or solemn – We want to see your canine companion quite simply being themselves!

The winners of the quiz will be announced on the 25th of April and will receive a US$250 resort credit.


    1. Roughly how many hours do cats sleep per day?

    2. For how many approximate years have dogs lived with humans as hunting companions, protectors, or pets?

    3. Which of these is NOT a real breed of dog?

    4. Which of our dog-friendly Karma Group properties is located the furthest north?

    5. Which pet has the best memory?

    6. Which of these things do cats NOT have?

    7. Which generation owns the most pets?

    8. Roughly how many types of pony are there?

    9. Pigs actually make great pets (if you have enough space for them), and they're smarter than you might think. Which of these animals are pigs smarter than?

    10. At what age does a chinchilla's teeth stop growing?

    11. Cats don’t actually meow at each other. True or False?

    12. Roughly what percentage of pet owners say their pets make them smile on a daily basis?

    13. Which is the fastest breed of dog?

    14. What is the name for a pack of kittens?

    15. Having a pet can be good for your health. It can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, regulate breathing, and relax muscles. True or False?

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    1. Surprised to learn Goldfish have the best memory. If my memory serves me right, I thought it had only a 3 second memory.

    2. Great quiz really enjoyed it, our cat gives us so much love but enjoys a big fuss and plenty of treats.

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