Breaking (positive) News from The Karma Group!

John Spence

Back in the UK after two months in Europe, The Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman, John Spence, is excited to share more about our new travel product, Karma Kasa (hint – the first one will open in India)!

Karma Kasa is a new ‘staycation’ type product stream which will be located within two hours of areas of major metro cities – mostly in areas where our members are primarily located. Karma Kasa will be a hybrid of accommodation with amenities like social, sports and business clubs. The good news is one can purchase an annual membership to enjoy weekend getaways and existing members will have access. 

In nutshell : Karma Kasa provides a fantastic holiday option close to home.

In other (positive) news our resorts that are open and catering to the domestic market are virtually fully booked. These include Karma St. Martin’s and Karma Bavaria while Karma Rottnest in Western Australia is enjoying its best winter season ever!

Tune in next week to find out about other exciting Karma Group announcements …#staywell #staysafe #stayhydrated

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. An additional Karma hotel in India will be so good! Sometimes, we need to utilize our points and we’re hard pressed to use it up within India, so knowing that Karma group will open the new venture of Karma Kasa in India is great news! Now I know that we have more choices and one with a world class reputation too! Good luck, Karma !

    1. Thank you so much Ms Susan. We are always working hard to meet expectations of all our members and increasing our footprint in India is one of them. Lets hope you love the new venture .Keep looking at this space for more information as Karma group is full of good news as the resorts open. #KarmaCommunity. Cheers .

  2. Thank you for the briefing. Hope to see the Karma Kasa concept introduced in U.A.E too.

  3. Thank you John Spence for your kind information on the Resorts, though we are unable to use the Resorts. Hope God will have mercy on us and end the pandemic.

  4. I watched an amazing program on the TV recently about Uzbekistan and the Silk Road. A few days later we attended a presentation by Sophie Ibbotson – Uzbekistan Tourism Ambassador. I think Tashkent, Samarkand or Bukhara would be ideal locations for a new Karma resort.

    1. Hi John, thank you for your feedback, as a Group we value members taking the time to provide this sort of information and your comments have been passed on to our management for consideration. #KarmaCommunity #StaySafe

  5. Hi John,
    We are in Western Australia. I may have missed it , but is the Margaret River Karma
    still going ahead

  6. Thanks John for your positivity and exciting news. We `ve just booked Karma, Minoan in Crete for May 2021 and look forward to redeeming your voucher for a bottle of wine. Maybe not the one you`re drinking now but if I`m sitting looking at that stunning view over the blue, blue Mediterranean and enjoying great food, then we`ll enjoy it just the same. Much appreciated.

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