Member Exclusive : The Ashes 2022 Giveaway!

It’s official! For the first time ever, Perth is set to be the home of the cricket 2022 Ashes Test finale – with the new Optus Stadium hosting the matches.

Even better, the Karma Group has exclusive tickets to giveaway to Members for the men’s match that will be held on Friday 14 January 2022!

The Optus Stadium officially opened in 2018 and has a capacity of over 60,000-seats making it the third-largest stadium in Australia.  It was voted the most beautiful sports facility in the world by Prix Versailles 2019 International architecture awards.

It has previously hosted just two Test matches prior to the pandemic, against India in December 2018 and a fixture with New Zealand in December 2019; thus, the upcoming Ashes are bound to be sensational.

At the last Ashes series in England, fans were gripping the edge of their seats as England took on Australia; and with the 2022 schedule just released, we can expect the same extraordinary moments again in January next year. Eager to see fierce cricketing rivals Australia and England rehash things? All you need to do is submit your interest below to be entered into our draw and we’ll announce the lucky winners on the 31st of October 2021.

Submit your ticket interest for future games


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    1. Cricket is my passion. If you need me to wear a Karma suit to promote you guys, I’ll do it. The fact that things are slowly getting back to some sense of normality is very exciting. And the fact that I may be able to attend the cricket is beyond EPIC!!!!

    2. Hi Karma Team, Thank you for the opportunity and invitation to be able to see our great Aussies take it to the Brits.
      We were unfortunate and missed out on attending the Rugby – Wallabies vs All Blacks at Optus Stadium in Perth and now very keen as mustard and hoping to be able to attend The Ashes in Perth. Thanking you
      Aussie, Aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi…

    3. I have been informed that my membership number is not correct There must be an error in your system. I have the same experience when I participate in competitions. I get a message that my details are not correct. I have two separate cards issued by Karma each stating that my Karma Group Membership Number is 25620 and my Registry Collection Number is 332873005 and my external exchange number is C82029652. Please get things sorted out so that I can participate without rejection.

    4. What a fantastic give away for Perth people. Thank you. Would love to be lucky enough to win tickets for our first visit to Optus.

    5. Hi, I have been passionate cricket lover since playing at school and progressing through until I reached my mid forties when I retired through work needs. I have since now retired and have discovered that there are competitive cricket for the 60′ and now 70’s where I play as an opening bowler. I have been to a number of test matches in Melbourne and here in Perth.
      We would cherish the opportunity to attend this event as Karma members.

    6. Ashes Finals @ Optus Stadium in my hometown Perth….as a cricket buff, can’t not ask for more….Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi….here we come!!

    7. Great offer, long time wish to attend an ashes match ,this one is for my nephew in perth,who is a cricket crazy guy.

    8. 2021-22 Ashes Tour
      It would be a great opportunity to win these tickets as having coached the Australian Cricket Coach (Justin Langer) and many others as junior cricketers in WA. (Damien Martyn, David and Michael Hussey, Marcus North and many more. I have been involved in both local and international cricket. A personal family tragedy saw me move away from cricket for so many years and came back into the fold through Justin when I was invited to attend the last Ashes series in the UK. Involved with Kim Hughes in cricket and as he was an ambassador for the Karma Group, I became a member and fractional owner. Have had some great experiences around the world until COVID hit.

    9. क्रिकेट मेरा जुनून है। अगर आप चाहते हैं कि मैं आप लोगों को बढ़ावा देने के लिए कर्मा सूट पहनूं, तो मैं करूंगा। तथ्य यह है कि चीजें धीरे-धीरे सामान्य होने की भावना में वापस आ रही हैं, यह बहुत ही रोमांचक है। और यह तथ्य कि मैं क्रिकेट में भाग लेने में सक्षम हो सकता हूं, महाकाव्य से परे है !!!!

    10. क्रिकेट मेरा जुनून agar। muze he awsar milta he to me apne Aap ko bhagat shalini samzhuga .thanks और यह तथ्य कि मैं क्रिकेट में भाग लेने में सक्षम हो सकता हूं, महाकाव्य से परे है !!!!

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