Magic of Loi Krathong

We’ve just closed the curtains on our latest Karma Curated Event and it was another unforgettable affair. Members gathered at Karma Royal Boat Lagoon in Phuket to experience the timeless Loi Krathong festival – a curated cultural immersion featuring age-old traditions, gastronomic adventures and enchanting experiences…As guests arrived, they were greeted with exquisite flower necklaces, setting the stage for a magical evening to get things underway.

The first evening unfolded with a specially prepared seafood feast featuring classic local dishes. Afterwards, the group headed into Phuket town to witness the Loi Krathong celebrations. Amidst the  dancing, drinking and general revelry, we invited guests to launch their own ‘Krathongs’—handcrafted, leaf containers adorned with flowers and candles—into the river, creating a truly magical moment as the lanterns floated in their thousands on the river’s surface. The festivities continued with a guided tour of the lively markets, where guests sampled a diverse array of street food.

The second day got started with a morning visit to a pearl shop, followed by a captivating city tour of Phuket Old Town, rich in history and architectural icons. A delightful lunch at the century-old Raya, renowned for its Thai cuisine, was a major highlight. The journey culminated with a visit to the majestic Big Buddha and a lively evening in Patong. Next up in Phuket is our January island-hopping Curated Experience – Panoramas, Paradise Isles & Sapphire Seas – there are still a few spaces left for those in the mood for a January adventure in paradise!

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