‘Look after yourselves and stay healthy’

John Spence

From his backyard at this English home where John Spence is in lockdown with his family, the Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman shares a little about the upcoming launch of ‘Karma Nomad’, an exciting new segment of the Karma Group’s hospitality and lifestyle brand. Hint – have you ever wanted to explore Australia or New Zealand in a campervan? ‘Karma Nomad’ will enable members to explore domestically – discovering amazing sites within their own country from the safety of their own luxury bubble. John also shares the importance of establishing goals and fitness routines during these unprecedented times. Check out Chris Robshaw’s fitness tips in this edition of Karma Community. As well as, John‘s thoughts on the latest regarding the re-opening dates of our resorts in Australia, Bali, India and Europe. We’re keeping the travel spirit alive!

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. That sounds great the Karma Nomad!!
    Tell me more as my husband and i will definitely jump in to try that asap! Feel free to use us as guinea pigs.. We happily will blog .

    1. Hi Lynne, great to hear of your enthusiasm regarding the new Karma Nomad program. We will keep you updated as this develops and may very well take you up on your offer to “blog” about the experience. Cheers #ExperienceKarma

    1. Hi Raymond, make sure to check our up-coming Karma Community editions where details of the new Karma Nomad program will be provided once it is ready to be made available to members. Cheers #ExperienceKarma

  2. Hi John, thanks for a great video, love the idea of Karma Nomad. We’ve been thinking about seeing the North Island of New Zealand and Karma Nomad would be a great way to do it. It looks like international travel will be opened between Australia and New Zealand. We also like the idea of a stay at Rottnest and combining it with seeing the Margaret River Wine region. Good news about Bali Corona Virus numbers, we look forward to returning to our favourite resort, Karma Jimbaran. We hope all the staff there are doing well. Looking forward to the next news letter. Stay safe.

    1. Hi Laura, we are receiving great feedback on the new Karma Nomad product and it is great to hear that you are already looking at ways to potentially make use of this new membership benefit. Watch this space for more information over the coming weeks. Cheers #StaySafe

  3. Hi John.
    Thank you for your updates my partner and I have enjoyed the newsletters filled with health and good living ideas
    Karma Nomad sounds great!
    Look forward to release..and stay safe.
    Great work and thank you

    1. Hi Ida, great to hear that you have enjoyed the content we have been curating through our Karma Community and we look to providing more information on Karma Nomad over the coming weeks. Cheers #StaySafe

  4. Love the idea of Karma Nomad. You said it would available for Owners, does that mean that points members would NOT be able to use it?

    1. Hi Brenda, although the product structure has yet to be finalized it will be available to all Karma Group members & owners at some level whether against entitlement exchange or preferred member rates. More information will be available over the coming weeks as we move closer to launching Karma Nomad. Cheers #ExperienceKarma

  5. So looking forward to hearing more about the Karma Nomad option. Great initiative by Karma.

    1. Hi Danny, thank you for your positive feedback. We are confident that this product will be very popular with members and more information will be made available over the coming weeks. #StaySafe

  6. It is exicting always to hear from you, this time i am jealous about your RUM PUNCH beach party, JOKING, hope i got is correct JOHN. I would like to know about your plans to open the properties for vacation in GOA & KARMA Nomad for india.

    1. Hi Sameer. Thank you for your support of our ongoing Karma Community initiative. It is great to hear you have found them enjoyable. A Karma Odyssey Navigator will contact you over the coming days to discuss your future holiday plans. Cheers #KarmaEntertainment

    1. Hi Caryn, great to hear of your interest in Karma Nomad. A Karma Odyssey Navigator will touch base once we have more information on the product and options for making use of the same. Cheers #ExperienceKarma

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