‘Let’s raise our glasses and toast the iconic Christel DeHaan’

John Spence

Live from Tuscany, John Spence, thanks everyone for their positive feedback so far, and shares updates about resort openings, membership advantages, plus some big announcements (two new resorts in England are in the pipeline). He raises his glass to toast the amazing Christel DeHaan, who sadly passed away yesterday.  Christel founded RCI and created the global children’s charity Christel House, that the Karma Group has long supported. Says Spence: ‘She was very much my mentor and an industry icon’. Tune in next week where John will hopefully be sharing more exciting Karma Group updates from Karma Bavaria in the stunning Bavarian Alps.

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. OMG I am goose pimples, what a view. i am crying. I want to be where you are. I`ve been visiting Italy since 1989 and love the place, the history and most of all the people. I love you too and am impressed by your uplifting positivity. Our April holiday in Crete was cancelled but we are keen to go as soon as it`s possible to get a flight. Do take care and keep safe. thanks Kathy and Chris

  2. Thanks for the feedback from Italy. I am glad that resorts are opening one by one and your concern for the owners is appreciated.
    The problem which we are facing at present is the difficulty to travel due to non availability of flights and if one can do so the quarantine at the destination. There is a lot of uncertainty on this ground.
    Thanks for informing about passing away of Ms Christel. Pray for her soul to RIP.

    1. Thanks for informing me about passing away of Ms Christel. I will pray for her soul to Rest in peace

    2. Dear Mr Singh,this is a passing phase and we are sure that,we shall see you soon unwinding at the Karma Group resorts.Thank you for your comment and your prayers and thoughts for Ms Christel . #StaySafe #StayHealthy #StayPositive .

  3. Dear John, Kais and I joined you in raising the glass on Christel DeHaan who was born 35km away from our town Ellwangen in the wonderful medieval town Nördlingen. We thank you and the Karma Team for a lot of good ideas and encouragement (love your Sunday Sessions!)……..
    cooking recipes, wine and book recommendations and and and…..to give us good times in difficult times…..it worked! All the best and stay healthy,
    Karin and Kais from Germany

  4. Thanks John for the very helpful and informative information about the resorts and new destinations within the British Isles, as we seem to be hit hard at the moment by travel restrictions Also for views in Florence as this shows a car is not required to visit the beautiful city and we can enjoy the sights on foot. Raising a glass to celebrate the life of Christel and her legacy.

  5. Thanks John for continuing this updates in this uncertain environments. Very early estimates were about tough time for Tourism Industries. I am following all your weekly updates and very much impressed with your approach towards this tough time. You are proving ‘when going is tough, tougher gets going’.
    Lot to learn from you. Keep motivating teams. Thanks.

    1. That’s a heartening comment and we really appreciate it. Tough times indeed however it is a passing phase and we shall be holidaying soon. On behalf of Mr. Spence, we thank you for your time and positive feedback. Cheers #ExperienceKarma

  6. Wow! Thanks to John Spence for the great openings of the resorts. We love your for your caring attitude. God bless you & family.

    1. Thank you for your continued support Mr. Karuppannan, we look forward to having both of you back on our resorts very soon! Cheers #KarmaCommunity

  7. Thanks John for the information. My family are from Canberra in Australia and very much hoping to travel to Western Australia to explore Rottnest when the boarders open. We are also interested in the Nomad concept as well. Would be great for a weekend away to explore our backyards so to speak.

    1. That’s great to hear Jo, we have just launched our Karma Nomad holidays on our website and one of our Karma Odyssey Navigators will be in touch shortly to give you some more information! Looking forward to hosting you very soon. #KarmaCommunity

  8. Thank you so much John for keeping us updated and whetting our appetite for traveling again. Italy is lovely. Our family of 12 enjoyed Borgo di Colleoli las year and dream fo going back. I hope you will get another resort in Italy.
    Look forward to your next video. A toast to Ms. De Hann, for a life well lived and a peaceful transition to eternity.

  9. Just to confirm- Karma Rottnest is open again. My wife and I are the first Karma members to stay at Rottnest Island Lodge since the pandemic lockdown. A great time to visit, and our only overseas destination from Perth, W Australia! The staff are ensuring all hygiene measures are in place, so looking good from down under!

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