Kerala Enchantments

It’s known as “God’s Own Country,” and for good reason: Kerala offers an enchanting blend of culture, natural beauty, diverse flora & fauna and delectable cuisine. Get ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey into Kerala’s heartlands across three magical days in our latest Karma Curated adventure.. We’ve handpicked the finest local experiences, sights, and flavours to make your trip truly unforgettable…

Day 1: 28 August – Lakeside Delights

We begin our adventure at 3pm on the manicured lawns of Karma Chakra on the shores of Lake Vembanad,  where our experienced resort team will introduce you to some traditional Keralan games. Rediscover the joys of simple pastimes as you engage in fun-filled activities in nature’s soothing embrace. As the sun starts to set, embark on a magical boat cruise on the stunning Vembanad lake. Savour house-made snacks and tea while you drink in the gorgeous canvas of lake, jungle and tropical afternoon skies.

Day 2: 29 August – Village Sojourn

At 3.30pm, we set out on a guided tour of the charming lakeside town of Kumarakom, nestled amidst the backwaters, paddy fields, plantations, and inland waterways. Connect with the region’s rich heritage by trying your hand at local crafts such as coconut palm weaving, coir making, and toddy tapping. Lapse into the timeless rhythms of rural life and experience the warmth of the locals as they welcome you into their world.

Day 3: 30 August – The Spectacle of Onam

Experience a uniquely vibrant cultural extravaganza as we join in the annual celebration of the iconic festival of Onam at Karma Chakra. Onam is a harvest festival celebrated with great fervour by the people of Kerala and the global Malayali diaspora. At 7:30am, join the team in crafting the Athapookalam, an intricate flower-petal design resembling the Indian ‘Rangoli.’ Witness the traditional folk dance of ‘Pulikali,’ a mesmerising performance where artists paint themselves as tigers and hunters, creating a surreal theatrical spectacle. Don’t miss the highlight of the day, the grand Onam Sadhya, a multi-course vegetarian feast served on enormous banana leaves. Indulge in over 25 mouthwatering preparations, each a culinary masterpiece!

In just three days, our Kerala Enchantments Curated Experience takes you on a sensory journey through Kerala’s cultural tapestry, scenic landscapes, and piquant flavours. Places will fill fast – so contact your Karma Concierge to reserve your place and embark on this unforgettable adventure, letting Kerala weave its magic around you!

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    1. I am not available to do this at the time stated but wonder if this event will be taking place in 2025. My husband and I will be visiting at least 7 of the Karma properties at this time in India and Asia and would love to attnd this event.

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