Bali Vaccination Drive

Karma Group goes the extra mile in vaccinating Bali staff, families and the local community to ensure a safe return to travel.

As the world gradually gets a grip on this global pandemic, the Karma Group has been leading the way in ensuring that our staff and our guests and indeed all of our associates are safe and secure as we start to turn our attention once again to much needed vacations.  

Karma Group is one of the very first hotel groups in Bali to ensure that all staff have been vaccinated. The health, safety and wellbeing of our guests is of the utmost priority for us here at Karma Group and we have been laser focused in developing protocols that allow our guests to visit our award-winning Bali resorts and other Indonesian properties with complete peace of mind. 

Our brilliant human resources team worked tirelessly with local and domestic government bodies to vaccinate almost two thousand individuals – not only Karma staff but many local residents, in  order to ensure that the entire community around our resorts is properly vaccinated against Covid-19.

Thanks to excellent communications and logistical organisation, there was a huge turnout for the vaccination drive – which took place amid an atmosphere of starting an exciting new chapter – a new ‘Roaring Twenties’ as travel once again hits our radars. 

We look forward to welcoming our owners, members and guests to our Bali resorts once again for what we expect to be a truly special destination experience for everyone!

Below are some of the key statistics we’ve achieved in terms of vaccinations so far :

Vaccines Administered
Number of doctors & nurses
Staff, & families vaccinated
Local residents vaccinated
Additional services provided

1800 total – 600 per day over 3 days
Pre-check questionnaires & medical tests


  1. Well done Karma. We can’t wait to return to Bali. We are missing our annual holiday to your resorts and most importantly we are missing all our beautiful Balinese friends.

    1. You are greatly missed as well, Michelle! Rest assured that everyone is now protected and is waiting to welcome you back to a property that is safe for you to visit! See you soon!

    1. Thank you Fran! The Karma Group is pleased to be able to drive this initiative for a safer work environment and more protected community! We hope to be able to welcome you soon.

  2. This is fantastic news to protect us all. Cant wait to return the Bali when the time is right

    1. When you are able to travel safely again, you can rest assured that you are coming back to an environment that is safe for you and for our staff. We hope its soon, Sian and Andrew! #staysafe

    1. That’s excellent news, Ashok and Nutan! We look forward to your visit. You can now travel knowing you are headed to a property that’s safe for staff and guests!

  3. Well done to the Karma group management for being proactive with the foresight to vaccinate all involved to make for our safe return to beautiful Bali.

    1. Thank you, John! The Karma Group is pleased to be able to ensure that all our staff is vaccinated. We are strongly committed to having safe environments for our staff and guests. We hope you are able to travel to Bali soon!

  4. Congratulations!!! Fabulous commitment to everyone. Looking forward to being able to come back to Bali.

    1. Thank you, Shirley! It was an honour for the Karma Group to drive this initiative. We firmly believe in doing our best to ensure safe environments for our staff and guests. We look forward to your visit as soon as it is safe for you to travel again!

  5. well done so happy to see a job well done protecting your wonderful staff and their beautiful balinese families thanks to all the health care workers stay safe hope to see you soon

    1. Hi Priscila! Thank you. The Karma Group is actively ensuring that all staff that can be vaccinated are getting their vaccines. We are committed to making all our properties safe for our staff and guests.

      1. Many congratulations to Karma !! As usual leading from the front. Committed to human life by taking care of its staff members and their families and also the locals in the area. Ensuring Karma is safe for everyone.

  6. Thanks Elvyn! We have done our best to ensure that our staff, their families and the local community is safe so that all members and guests who visit our properties are also protected!

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