Karma Kasa : Unforgettable Destination Experiences

Could this be one of the most innovative travel concepts of the year? We think so! The newly launched Karma Kasa offers Karma Group Members exclusive access to a brand new collection of properties around the world. In a nutshell, Members can list their homes or second homes on a secure Karma Group website, where other members can browse and book. Karma Group will introduce you to the members wishing to stay in your home and all payments will be handled securely. Enjoy the comfort and security of dealing only with other Karma Group Members in this exclusive and private group. It’s not only a fantastic way for Members to travel the world but offers an excellent opportunity for Members to earn passive income.

First 25 Listings are Free


    1. Hi Waylon, we are currently verifying the listings and will make them available online ASAP! We are so excited for our members to see the amazing places available to rent!

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