‘Karma Group’s first Karma Kasa is now open – with two more slated for the near future.’

John Spence

The Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman, John Spence brings us up to speed about our hotels and resorts around the world – those that are open are having a stellar season!  More on the burgeoning Karma Kasa staycation concept – the first has (successfully) opened in Bangalore in India and there are two more slated for the UK with more to come. Enjoy a gin and tonic? We have sensational news about a collaboration with a world class distillery – Karma Group’s private label Gin will be infused with herbs and spices from the exotic regions where our resorts are located.  #StayWell #StaySafe #StayHydrated

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. Thankyou John look forward to watching your clips and
    Keeping us dated on what’s happening with Karma Thankyou for looking after your members would love to try a bottle of your wine please. Regards Karen Gennoe

  2. Can you tell me please what plans you have for some more karma places in Australia. Like the Daintree or Byron Bay or Cradle mountain in Tasmania. Australia has so many beautiful places yet we only have one site. And now that we cannot leave the country would be great to have other karma sites to stay at.

  3. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying it’s been a tease having such beautiful affordable places all over the world too visit but can’t sure be nice too drown my sorrows with You’re new wine, and just look at the label with the special K!

  4. Thanks for the update. Good to hear there will be an additional property in Australia. Would be good if there was something on the east coast as we can’t get tot he west at the moment with closed boarders. I would love to try some of the wine too. thanks

  5. Thanks for the update John. Looking forward to hear

    Thanks for the update on Karma Kasa which I hope to visit once we are able to travel. Also am delighted to note that there will be two new sites in the UK.

  6. Thank you John, I always look forward to your updates. Thrilled to hear about the new location in UK, we need something in this country, ST Martins is great but a logistical nightmare unless you have time and money to get too. Would love a bottle of the wine though, cool label. Stay safe and hydrated all.

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