Karma Group Launches Bordeaux Vintage 2018

The Bordeaux region of France is without a doubt one of the world’s most important wine regions. Renowned for its beautiful reds of finesse and complexity, the new release of  Karma Bordeaux 2018 collection is no exception.

Since early 2016, the Karma Group’s Founder and Chairman, John Spence, has collaborated with Chateau Lynch Bages – a beautiful and historic chateau in Pauillac known for producing some of the finest wines in the world.  Several times a year, he travels to the region to personally partake in the artistry of winemaking which involves tasting and adjusting the wine’s aromatics until the balance is just right. 

Says Spence: ‘‘The Karma Group’s Bordeaux 2018 is 70% cabernet from a prestigious vineyard in Pauillac adjoining the rock star Chateau Lynch Bages.’ He explains the Bordeaux 2018 includes a higher % of cabernet sauvignon in the blend as the fruit was so good with the balance made up of 25% merlot from a leading pomerol estate and a mere 5% cabernet franc. 

“It’s approachable and extremely drinkable,” says Spence, adding that the higher cabernet content and the quality of the fruit will ensure this wine ages extremely well and will see the tannins soften and mature.

Sounds amazing! Afterall, wine is universal for celebrations and ideal for most occasions. 

“The harvest was extremely early this year and as the saying goes  – not all great vintages come from an early harvest – but all early harvests produce a great vintage,” concludes Spence. 

The bottle label art is by Australian artist Helen Norton.


  1. I was told I won some of this wine in one of the competitions…the one where you matched the wine with chocolate. How will I find out if I have and also will it be sent yo me. Cheers

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