Karma Cares : A New Division

It’s official: Karma Cares is now a standalone division under the Karma Group umbrella! What does this mean? Well, having recruited the fantastic Victoria Williamson as Karma Group’s first Head of Philanthropy, we’re now going a step further by allocating additional resources to Karma Cares and running it as its own unique entity, responsible for the strategic oversight and development of Karma Group’s charitable activities around the world.

We will also now be publishing a regular weekly column on all things Karma Cares, bringing you news from across the Karma Group network – from our ongoing Karma Refuge initiative for refugees who’ve fled the conflict in Ukraine, to our partnerships with organisations like the Bali Life Foundation in Indonesia and Christel House in India, both of which work to give disadvantaged kids a better chance in life.

Each week, we’ll share inspiring stories that are all about bringing about positive change – as well as giving you our Members the opportunity to get involved in a number of different ways. We’re also very open to learning about new causes that connect with our principles and ideals. Karma Cares reflects our belief in community and connection and working together to make the world a better place. 

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