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We’re ushering in 2024 with a very special offer for all you Bali island aficionados out there…we’re offering Karma Community readers FREE VIP membership of Karma Beach @ Karma Kandara, unlocking a wealth of amazing benefits at one of southeast Asia’s most exclusive beachfront venues. That’s right, we’re waiving the US$199 VIP membership fee for a limited time and only for readers of Karma Community!

From the spectacular limestone cliffs sheltering the sparkling shores of Karma Beach, to the vast day beds and cushioned pavilions set on the fine white sand and the wood-and-bamboo gathering-ground that is Le Club 22, serving signature cocktails and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, Karma Beach epitomises barefoot luxury and high end hedonism. Enjoy top flight DJs soundtracking sunsets, live entertainment and one-off parties that are the hottest tickets in town. And as a VIP Member, your Karma Beach experience is extra special…

Your complimentary VIP membership brings with it a host of benefits: besides providing access year-round to Karma Beach, you’re also guaranteed a reserved beach lounger. And if you start feeling a tad peckish, head over to Le Club 22, where you’ll enjoy a generous 10% discount off the exquisite culinary offerings and beverages. But that’s just a start – here’s a list of all the great perks Karma Beach VIP membership brings:

Sign up now for your complimentary VIP membership and let Karma Beach and Le Club 22 elevate your Bali experience to unparalleled heights…

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  1. Will this complimentary membership for the first year, be automatically charged at $199 from the second year, or charged only on seeking acceptance explicitly? SOmetimes we forget to cancel and wanted to check what your process would be for the second year onwards.

  2. My Wife and I will be in Bali, both in Karma Kandara and Royal Jimbaran for the months of June 24,
    it would be fantastic to be considered for the free Membership of Karma Beach@ Karma Kandara, i
    have tried to sign up, but was not able to open the link, i will try again later, hopefully i am not to late
    We had a fantastic stay at Kandara last year and cant wait for our Trip this Year
    Frank Kriesoldt

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