Introducing Karma Lakewood, Mahabaleshwar

In the spirit of hitting the ground running, we’re delighted to break the news that Karma is set to open an exciting new resort acquisition, adding to our extensive India portfolio of properties.

Nestled along the tranquil backwaters of the Koyna Dam, just 27 km from the pretty hill station of  Mahabaleshwar in the Western Ghats mountain range, Karma Lakewood offers a serene escape in a region that is sometimes called ‘the mini-Kashmir of the west’ thanks to its beautiful lakes, forests and mountains. 

Karma Lakewood’s 18 wooden cottages seamlessly blend with the lush surroundings, providing contemporary comforts in a bucolic setting. The resort’s restaurant offers diverse cuisine with locally sourced ingredients, complemented by stunning backwater views, while the swimming pool and Jacuzzi are the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate.

You can also enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from the resort’s gallery, as well as taking part in a wide range of outdoor activities – from exploring the nearby Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary – home to Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears and Indian gaur amongst many other species. 

Karma Lakewood promises a harmonious blend of nature and luxury, inviting guests to create lasting memories in its tranquil embrace. We’re inviting Members to submit expressions of interest in the property ahead of its grand opening, which we’ll be announcing very soon!

Expression of Interest


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    1. it’s very interesting to see the karma resorts coming up at destinations closer to Mumbai within few hours travel reach. I would definitely help lot of weekend travellers. I will be happy to experience it.

        1. I have beautiful resort @ Tapola near newly open our Resort
          If Karma interested in it plz frlly contact me

    2. That’s a really a good news for Maharashtra members … finally karma comes here… really awaiting to explore the new one

      1. I had booked the resort from 31st March to 4th April It is first resort of karama in Maharashtra .we love to visit soon

    3. Would love to experience this new Resort. Looking forward to create more memorable moments with KARMA.

      1. Extremely glad to hear about the new resort at the wonderful location od mahableshwar. Looking forward to relax over there at the earliest.

    4. Extremely happy to know about this property in India. Waiting to explore.
      Would be great if we have complimentary breakfast

    5. Great news
      I was waiting for a place, where in I can have break, for a weekend, near my home, at any given point in time.
      Kudos to team Karma for opening new resort in Mahabaleshwar.

    6. Very Happy to see this addition, which I think will a different flavor to the Karma portfolio. We look forward to staying at thsi resort sometime in teh near future

    7. Much awaited…. Looking forward to one more new addition to the Karma resort list. Am confident that we will enjoy the stay and facilities at the LAKEWOOD….

    8. Very happy to hear about this new property coming up near our place.Now we can take weekend breaks once in a while due to close proximity . Looking forward for a memorable experience…

    9. Karma resort/(s) in Maharashtra are most welcome. This State offers many scenic spots that Karma-ites can enjoy. I look forward to visit and enjoy Mahabaleshwar many more times nestling myself in the Karma resort.

      1. We’re thrilled you’re excited, Nassim! Karma Lakewood promises to be your escape to nature’s embrace, where pampering meets adventure. Book your stay and start counting down the days!

    10. In one sentence, Karma Group is a beautiful opportunity to live with family, nature and yourself. We are coming to Karma Lakewood. Are you ready?

    11. In one sentence, Karma Group is a beautiful opportunity to live with family, nature and yourself. We are coming to Karma Lakewood. Are you ready?

    12. We were waiting for this since our membership. We would like to enjoy this property very soon.

    13. We are so excited that we shortened our USA vacation and submitted a booking request for Karma Lakewood. We Just Can’t wait….

      1. Wow, that is very exciting! We can’t wait to make your dream vacation a reality! Submit your interest above and our Karma Concierge team will do all they can to make it incredible

    14. So Much ….. Happy to Hear it that at last Karma have reached to Maharashtra and at so amazing location!!!
      Please confirm opening date and availability in Feb. and March 24

      1. Thank you so much for your lovely feedback! Don’t forget to submit your interest above and our Karma Concierge team will reach out to you directly with the best offers


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