International Women’s Day Quiz

We’re celebrating women everywhere this edition with International Women’s Day arriving on 08 March. So our quiz this week tests your knowledge on famous queens through history. And remember – a queen isn’t just a head of state – she’s  a state of mind!

Three USD 100 vouchers are up for grabs and winners will be announced on 22 March across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. Who is the most famous queen who ever lived?

    2. This Indian Queen is synonymous with resistance:

    3. What queen was known as "Bloody Mary"?

    4. What queen was the daughter of Anne Boleyn?

    5. Which queen is known for a famous statement about cake?

    6. Catherine the Great was the empress of what country?

    7. She was a fierce warrior, well known for leading fights against the British East India Company

    8. The only Muslim woman in history to have ruled India was

    9. Which queen used to dress as a peasant?

    10. Elizabeth II of England does not need which of these?

    11. Every story told about her agree on one thing – she was a beauty!

    12. Among the many achievements of this Queen, building Hindu temples and other public buildings is high on the list

    13. Which queen was Henry VIII madly in love with?

    14. How many people did Mary I burn at the stake?

    15. The only female supreme power throughout China’s history was

    16. When Elizabeth I came to power, everyone thought ______ ?

    17. Who was the only unmarried queen in British history?

    18. Which queen got her head chopped off?

    19. What queen drowned because her subjects were forbidden to touch her?

    20. Who illustrated the Danish edition of "Lord of the Rings"?

    21. Which queen smoked pot?

    22. She was appointed the Queen of Thailand in 2019

    23. Cleopatra owned which of these?

    24. Which queen has had a film made about her?

    25. Did an empress moonlight as a prostitute?

    26. Who popularized tea in Britain?

    27. Which queen wore dramatic makeup?

    28. Born and raised in Singapore, this businesswoman was conferred the princess title in Indonesia

    29. Cleopatra was the ______ pharaoh of Egypt.

    30. How tall were some of Marie Antoinette's hairdos?

    31. Which queen might have killed her husband?

    32. Elizabeth II served as a ______ in WWI.

    33. Elizabeth II employs someone to do what?

    34. Elizabeth II's husband is actually her _____?

    35. Which queen had 37 great-grandchildren?

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    1. Generation Female is a community of current and future women leaders from across the globe. Women leaders across the globe – Empowering women to empower and support women leaders. The Secret To Women’s Empowerment Is Women itself. Really appreciate the great quiz.

      1. Most of the personalities are from India and Briton. So it is easy to guess and answer. But overall a good quiz.

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