International Chef Day Trivia

This one goes out to all the culinary maestros who have delighted the world with mouthwatering creations since the dawn of time – On October 20th we celebrate International Chefs Day!

The honouring of gastronomical connoisseurs began back in 2004, when esteemed chef Dr Bill Gallagher aimed to create a day focused on education, competition, networking, and sustainability to the authority on cuisine.

So dig out your healthy recipe book and sharpest knife, and pay tribute to International Chefs Day. Three lucky winners will receive 3 x 3 Course Meal at any Karma Group restaurant – to be announced on 01 November on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. Which Michelin star-winning Scottish chef has a restaurant in the same town as Karma Lake of Menteith?

    2. Who was the first female chef to win the James Beard Award?

    3. What is the name of the restaurant chain created by Sanjeev Kapoor with locations throughout India and the rest of the world?

    4. What is the name of the Michelin-starred restaurant only 17 minutes away from Karma Salford Hall?

    5. Where is Gordon Ramseys flagship restaurant located?

    6. Who is considered the creator of New Nordic cuisine?

    7. Which decorated French chef is based in Carcassonne with his restaurant “La Table”?

    8. Which British Chef promoted “A Taste of Crete” on national television?

    9. How many Michelin stars does Heston Blumenthal have?

    10. Which of the following chefs received the most awards for their restaurant in Munich?

    11. Which celebrity chef has a restaurant at Kuta Beach, Bali?

    12. Which of the following chefs is not known for molecular gastronomy?

    13. Who was dubbed “the first celebrity chef”?

    14. Which french pastry chef has been likened to a real-life Willy Wonka?

    15. Which Indian-born chef specialises in Keralan cuisine?

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      1. Food plays a big part of holiday memories! All our chefs do their best to ensure amazing experiences for all our Karma Group members! We’re glad you’ve experienced this, Ashley!

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