In Vino Veritas!

Over the last few years, we have been steadily building a prodigious collection of Karma branded wines sourced from Karma Group destinations around the world. Karma Group Chairman John Spence is a committed oenophile – and each bottle we introduce has a personal story behind it, developed in partnership with leading winemakers from both old and new world regions.

Joyous Rosés from Carcassonne, Provence & Australia; classic Beaujolais, Burgundy and Bordeaux offerings and a steely Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc from France; and a ruby red Karma Chianti from Tuscany, Italy… each Karma Wine is uniquely delicious – and what’s more, our cellar is set to expand considerable through 2024!

We’re adding two exceptional new vintages from leading French vineyards to the Karma fine wines collection next year that will be distributed across the Karmaverse, spreading joy and camaraderie wherever they go! What’s more, this new wine release comes with a bit of a twist. Whilst we can reveal that one of the wines originates from the acclaimed Chateau Caux et Sauzens winery – and that the other wines will be  2018 and 2019 vintages, we can’t tell you exactly where the second wine originates. Why not, we hear you ask?

Well, because one of the wines is arriving with an in-built quiz contained on its label – answer the three questions beneath the wine description correctly and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a fabulous wine hamper featuring some of our Karma favourites! So keep your eyes peeled in January for more on the launch…


    1. The region starts with a B and has 2 banks

    2. The predominant grape sounds like something you'd find in a kitchen that's used for storing jam jars

    3. b and a sage

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